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Simple Ways To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business in 2021


Instagram was introduced in October 2010, and it was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and has since grown into a huge social media network. It has 1 billion active users on its sites, and more than 100 million images and videos are posted per day. Instagram reports say the like button has tapped an average of 2.4 billion times every day.

Instagram is one of the perfect places to market your products to a wider audience. More than 25 million people are using Instagram for their business. Additionally, 83% of people use Instagram to create new things and discover new products.

Instagram allows you to grow your brand awareness and introduce new products. More than 80% of people made purchases on Instagram. So, you can see why Instagram is the topmost social media for engagement today.

Instagram Reels:

Instagram has introduced new feature reels, it allows you to create or edit 15 seconds short video clips, add audio from the Instagram music library, or you can choose other music from your mobile. You can also use effects, text, stickers, and filters to make your reels more attractive and set a timer to your video instead of holding it. 

Why Instagram Reels Launched:

Instagram started testing reels in November 2019 in brazil and launched the new feature Instagram reels on august 5, 2020 over 50 countries. Instagram wanted everyone, brands, and marketers to use reels to promote their brands and business.

According to Instagram stats, there are 7.8 million downloads within 30 days after the launch of Instagram reels, and it increased to 11.4 % downloads of Instagram. Reels are a great way to discover new things and create entertaining and engaging videos.

How to use Instagram Reels to Promote your business?

There is no direct advertising option available for reels at present, Which means you cannot pay to boost reels. In general, you should have a better understanding of creating reels for your marketing strategies. You should choose great and unique content for your brands, create entertaining and easy videos. It will help you to increase your audience, and it will improve your brand and business.

If more people like your content, it will increase your sharing rate. Your reels videos get more engagement than they will appear on the explore page. It is a page where anyone can see your reels, and it is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand over a wider audience and improve your sales and business.

Four Ways to Grow Your audience with Instagram Reels:

There are many options available on Instagram reels for your brand and business. Take some time to understand what way will help your business. The following methods can help you to reach your target audience. 

Your Brand Story:

Many people use Instagram to discover and buy new things. If they are interested in buying your product, they visit your website and click the page to know your brands and business details. It takes a long time to do, and it also reduces the user interest in buying products.

Instead of missing your customer, Reels offer a great way to introduce yourself and your brand. Show your brand to the customers and tell them why you are selling these products and share how your products will help their lives easily.

Educate your Customers:

Educational videos don’t need chalk and blackboard. Educate your audience about your brand and business. You can also give some tips and tricks to use your products. Show them how your products will help them to save their time.

Give a unique quality about your brands, teach them how to use your products, and a perfect time to apply it. Create a video in a step-by-step format it will help your customer get a clear picture of your product. Sharing educational videos will boost your audience and increase your sales and business.

Create a behind scene:

If you take your audience behind the scene, that positively increases trust in your brands. And also, it builds the relationship between you and your customers. You can share a day to day life of your business.

If you want to increase your Instagram reels likes count you should share photos showing mistakes and funny bloopers, and small celebrations will make your audience more curious. It will not only boost your customer engagement but also bring a new audience to your profile.

Showcase Your Products:

The Instagram reel is a perfect place to market your products to a massive audience. Add the advantage of effects, audio, and timer to create a native-looking video for your brands.

Show the benefits of your products. If any celebrities using your brands share the images with your customers, it will help you reach a more audience.

Many brands use reels to promote their brands, and it is a platform where everyone can start and enhance their business. Authentically show your products, and people always look for unique and trending content. Test new videos and check the matrices how well your product is reached by your audience and liked by your customers. It will help you to make your future content.

Example of a successful brand using Instagram Reels:

  • Louis Vuitton

Louis uses clothing and fashion for their business, and she has 39 million followers on Instagram, and every Louis reels, she gets more than 5 million views. You can also check their reels and get ideas to create effective reels.

  • Netflix and Amazon prime videos

If you come across the reels tab on Netflix and amazon prime, they are filled with trailers and trending tv shows. However, it is one of the best ways to create excitement among the audience.


Instagram reels are the best social media platform for your brand and business. It is essential to identify and analyze whether our product is a good fit for your audience. Increases your brand reach using Instagram reels, and improves your business.

I hope this article will help you to start your business in Instagram reels.

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