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Why mastering the skill of contract drafting is very important for a lawyer?

Contract drafting is a fundamental skill that all lawyers, no matter whatsoever is your specialization area, will be expected to have its knowledge. It is undoubtedly a valuable and rewarding legal skill in terms of better career opportunities and earning potential. However, a majority of Indian lawyers do lack contract drafting skills simply because of the fact that they don’t undergo proper training in contract drafting. They only think about learning the contract drafting skill when they come across a client either through a hit and trial method or seeking help from other lawyers who have a better understanding of this domain.

Why are lawyers not able do justice with contract drafting?

There are a large majority of lawyers who make promises to their clients that they can draft a contract for them usually do nothing but borrow a standard template from a colleague and make the desired changes in the details. You actually require real skills when it comes to having a better understanding of viable aspects of a contract or in regards to drafting clauses that basically include proper consideration of long term benefits, risk factors, and also significant legal disputes. Their clients sooner or later get to know the contract they paid is invalid owing to an obvious error or very fundamental problems that have not been mentioned in the contract.

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Such kind of blunders do take some time to come to fore, but will badly impact the credibility of the lawyers. Hence, as a good lawyer, you must consider acquiring the desired skill by enrolling in a contract drafting course online.

These courses help you in learning and understanding the best industry practices and an insight into the complexities of legal writing and the modus operandi of contract drafting.

Why do the law schools not provide contract drafting courses?

Most law colleges in India do offer extensive courses on contract law with a major focus on the Indian Contract Act and case law in respect of the act. Simply because of the fact that the same is instructed to the law schools as per the guidelines of the BCI. However, the concept of contract drafting is a bit different. Having a profound knowledge of all the written sections won’t be of any help when your client will request you to draft a joint venture contract. For that, you will require different kinds of skills.

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Even though the law colleges have to hypothetically give quantifiable training of the contract drafting to the law students. As a matter of fact, there is no elaborate or in-depth knowledge and training is given to the students. Consequently, law graduates don’t have proper knowledge of contract drafting when they start practicing.

From where you can pursue a contract drafting course to upgrade your skills?

There are many organizations, online education companies that offer diploma or certification courses in contract drafting. It is always advisable to run through student’s reviews before you decide to enroll for contract drafting course online.

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