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Some of The Best Mattresses that Won’t Hurt Your Back

Back and shoulder pain is becoming the new norm of the modern-day sedentary lifestyle, and more often than not, the main culprit is the wrong or unsuitable sleeping mattress. If you are getting tired of tossing and turning around in your bed throughout the night and checking the double and single bed mattress prices to find a suitable one for getting a good night’s sleep, then you are in the right place.

High-quality memory foam or hybrid or dual comfort mattress can work wonders in relieving your back pain by ensuring correct sleeping postures. Let’s take a look at the five best mattresses that won’t hurt your back but will help in relieving the pain instead:

Wakefit Orthopedic King Size Mattress (Memory Foam, 8-Inch)

Key Features:

  • Created specifically to keep your spine in proper alignment.
  • Adjusts to the user’s body as it conforms to the sleeper’s body.
  • It offers even and balanced support by dividing the bodyweight uniformly.
  • It measures 72 inches in width, 78 inches in length, and 8 inches in height.
  • Orthopedic memory foam with a medium firmness level and comes in white color.
  • This Wakefit Mattress material consists of a differential pressure zone layer, memory foam, and high resilience foam.
  • The product comes with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of invoice.
  • Features an external zippered removable cover that can be washed easily.
  • Made from next-generation memory foam and breathable fabric.
  • Boasts of a differential pressure zone layer that assures perfect spine alignment in a straight line.
  • The outer cover is made with premium quality spun knitted fabric with high GSM.

Sleepwell Starlite Discover Firm King Size Foam Mattress (4-inch)

Key Features:

  • It is made from high-density rigid foam that offers a superior firmness level to the mattress.
  • It measures 72 inches in width, 72inches in length, and 4 inches in height.
  • King Sized red-colored 9.13 kgs mattress.
  • Houses soft PU foam for extending the suitable level of support and comfort.
  • A multi-layered core incorporates soft PUF foam in quilting, knitted top fabric, air mesh fabric, and PAF & HD hard foam for enhanced air circulation.
  • The brand offers a 1-year warranty on the mattress.

Sleepyhead Sense Medium-firm Orthopedic (3 Zoned ) PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

Key Features:

  • They have incorporated the most advanced Phase Change Cooling (PCM) technology utilized by NASA in sleep science for absorbing and then redistributing the body heat.
  • To let you enjoy great quality sleep throughout the night, it maintains a suitable temperature.
  • The middle layer is made out of the efficient pressure-relieving and advanced high-density memory foam material.
  • It gives an excellent cushioning effect like a soft cocoon to your body.
  • Offers 3-zoned orthopedic comfort foam enables you to keep your spine aligned by catering to each pressure point separately and rendering superior back support.
  • It comes equipped with active grooves to provide better air circulation.
  • The manufacturer is so confident about this product that they offer a 100 Nights trial period.

Duroflex LiveIn – Pressure Relieving, Memory Foam with Anti Microbial Fabric and Superior Comfort

Key Features:

  • Single size mattress with 6 inches thickness and medium-firm firmness.
  • Made with high resilience foam and using memory foam for contouring comfort and providing excellent support.
  • The pressure-relieving memory foam adjusts to the body shape of the sleeper to provide great cradled support.
  • The unique triple anti-microbial feature protects this pressure-relieving mattress from dust, mites, harmful bacteria, and fungi.
  • It incorporates a unique combination of resilient and responsive foam layers to support the back adequately.
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty.

Duroflex Back Magic -Firm Mattress (For Back Support and Posture Alignment)

Key Features:

  • This Duroflex orthopedic mattress is recommended and certified by the National Health Academy.
  • Unique technology that consists of a 5-zoned certified orthopedic support layer under the cozy quilted surface.
  • Naturally cool and firm coir that allows optimal airflow and extends back solid support.
  • It corrects your body posture by getting aligned with your spine for an extended period.

After comparing numerous hybrid, memory foam, coir, and dual comfort mattresses, we have compiled the above list for you so that you get to pick from the best of the best options. You can check the double and single bed mattress prices for these models and select the suitable one for your needs.

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