Spotting Counterfeit Bike Parts & Insurance

Changing motorcycle spare parts at regular intervals is something that no rider can ignore if wants to ride for a long time. Many riders, willing to maintain their motorcycle for long buy bike spare parts online along with necessary accessories. Certainly, there a long-lasting accessories and spare parts to buy for your motorcycle and ensure seamless performance ahead.

But, what if, you have to deal with fake, sub-standard, or counterfeited spare parts and accessories? How would you rectify the fake parts? And, prevent from buying the same. Also, which spare parts are covered under motorcycle insurance?

Here, we will cover everything that you should know about the bike and its long-term maintenance.

So, let’s get started on the same.

How to rectify fake motorcycle spare parts?

It’s difficult to know which motorcycle spare part is fake or genuine. Except that of looking at the brand name on the packaging. One of the ideal ways to know the fake nature of spare parts is at the time of facing motorcycle running issues. Concerning the same, we have listed a few motorcycle running scenarios and issues that might let you know about the substandard quality of spare parts.

Engine failure or firing issue

If at any point in time, while riding the motorcycle, you face issues like uncalled engine failure or backfiring, then this could be the case of fake spare parts inside the bike. The problem could be due to the spark plug, drive belt, air filter, valve, or any other integral component responsible for increasing the efficiency of the motorcycle. There might be the case of low-quality or the fake utilization of spare parts inside the bike which can be rectified easily by first yourself and then with the help of a professional mechanic.

Unexpected brake failure

Brakes form the most important parts of any vehicle, especially of a two-wheeler to ensure a safe riding experience. Unexpected breakdown of brake wire, lever, or even jammed pedal brake could be a clear sign of untrusted parts inside. Even fake brake pads are responsible for not stopping the motorcycle on time after pressing the brakes. At such times, you must immediately replace the fake parts with new and genuine ones.

Regular electrical failures

Major engine fires or smoke issues arise because of some electrical failure. It could be due to an overheating issue a breakdown of wires or another component inside. No matter what, this issue can be rectified easily and only solved with genuine spare parts.

Structural issues

You do not know the fact that the usage of fake accessories and spare parts can negatively impact the structural robustness of the bike. For instance, adding sub-standard quality of engine oil, shockers, and other things can impact the riding condition, architecture, and several other components. It is important to check the genuine integrity of spare parts and then fix them same.

Reduced wheel balance

Laying hands on low-quality motorcycle tire spares can impact the riding condition and overall balance. You might face issues like unexpected flat tires, losing ride balance, not being able to apply the brakes and things like that.

Starting problem

Last but not least bike starting problem is one of the common fake parts usage issues. At some point, you might face difficulty in starting the engine, no matter early in the morning or late at night.

Which bike parts are covered under the insurance?

It’s a good thing to know the insurance coverage of motorcycle spare parts. Most riders have a comprehensive insurance plan that covers both the bike’s damage and some damage being done to another person. The other available option is the third-party plan that only covers someone else’s damage.

So, when it comes to insuring the spare parts of a motorcycle, all you have to do is go for add-ons in the comprehensive insurance plan. However, physical damage to the motorcycle and the repair work are covered under the plan. However, the complete replacement of essential parts like tires, suspension, brakes, chain systems, and others can be covered with add-ons. That means you have to pay extra for securing the motorcycle parts in your respective insurance plan.

Also, take into consideration the depreciating value of motorcycle parts. You must know the fact that parts made up of nylon, rubber, plastic, and others have a depreciating rate of 50% or more.

Best place to buy genuine online bike accessories and spare parts

One of the important concerns of motorcycle riders is knowing the best place to buy online bike accessories and spare parts of a genuine nature. With the availability of an extensive automobile spare parts marketplace, it’s quite difficult at times for customers to know the right vendor.

To be precise, if you are looking for genuine Hero bike and scooter spare parts, then shop at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform. It’s a trusted website owned by the leading two-wheeler manufacturing company itself. On the platform, you have the flexibility to buy a preferable choice of two-wheeler-specific spare parts, accessories, and other products. All the items are of genuine quality and available at affordable prices to maintain the running efficiency of the motorcycle.

So, next time, you search for high-quality Hero two-wheeler parts and accessories, then simply drop them at the eShop Hero Motocorp platform.

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