Steps Which Government Can to Promote Women Entrepreneurs

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women entrepreneurs india

women entrepreneurs

The government of India is the sole entity behind making all policies can play a bigger and prominent role to boost up women entrepreneurship in India. The steps taken by it will have bigger and widespread effects as the policies will be applicable to each and every region with the nation’s boundary. Here are few steps which the government can implement to for women entrepreneurs in India:

Flexible Loan– Though a lot has already been done in this direction, still, we have a lot of unexplored areas. Loans options with minimal documentation, very liberal procedure, and disbursement and a lower interest rate can help women in a very prominent way. Specialized banks and Financial Institution should be established catering particularly to this issue.

Women Entrepreneurs India

Skills Centers at Ground Level– Money cannot be multiplied itself unless you know how to use it and you have a skill that can make your brand and product marketable. Working in this direction calls for skill center to be established at the very basic level to create and polish skills of women in India, this will bring fineness and quality in their work, which will make it marketable and will fetch them good returns.

Easier Taxation– Taxation rules in regards to both direct and indirect should be made easy and bit bended to boost women entrepreneurs in India. The arrangement can be made like little or no taxation for the first few years while business is still establishing its feet. This can reduce the financial burden and help them escape the hassles of following complex taxation rules in the initial days and focus on core business.

Special Status– SEZs like the model can be replicated in this case where women entrepreneurs are given some advantages over general businesses to help them survive and grow in the early struggling period.
Though this is not the exhaustive list yes these are suggestive steps which can definitely act in favour of women entrepreneurs, and definitely not immediately but slowly and steadily figures and overall picture will change. Given this much backing and support and considering the fact every woman has got some special talent hidden in herself which can make her break the stereotypes and come out of her shelve. She will be leading a better life and will not only set an example for her fellow s but she will be able to fade away the image world perceives of an Indian woman and giver herself and country a new identity altogether. Apart from the above-mentioned suggestions, thorough research can be conducted so as to come out with better and innovative ideas which can be implemented in combination with above-stated ones and can give more satisfactory results.

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