Propel Your Taxi Booking Business with UberX Share Feature

From 2020 to 2027, the global ridesharing market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.3% reaching $219 billion by 2025! The ride-sharing concept was in place way before we had apps. Most traditional taxi booking systems relied on ride-sharing as the basis for transportation. Ridesharing opened the way for the driver to add multiple users going on the same route thus contributing more revenue for the driver. On-demand ride-hailing applications have disrupted the traditional taxi booking services in most urban settings replacing them with offering comfort, safety, and convenience.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How does the UberX Share feature – Taxi Pool work?
  • How can you earn profits through the UberX Share feature?
  • Why add this feature?
  • Conclusion

After Uber paused its ride-sharing service UberPOOL in mid-2020 due to the pandemic, it took two complete years to launch UberX Share. You can select UberX Share from the available options when you request a ride via Uber. More than any other ride-hailing service, the maximum number of drivers are registered with UberX Share since its requirements are easily met. UberX Share is currently Uber’s most popular service. Standard UberX since it caters to a ride of 4 passengers or less. With UberX Share service, be ready to meet new passengers.

UberX Share’s ride-sharing feature is making waves with every region’s population. The clone of this feature can be integrated with your existing taxi booking app easily. Our developers have added this UberX Share feature to our Uber clone app. This taxi pool feature resembles the same working pattern of the UberX Share attaining the same success that your business needs.

How does the UberX Share feature – Taxi Pool work?

Suppose your customers opt for the UberX Share feature. In that case, chances are that your customers will share a ride with another passenger if matched along the same route, eventually going in the same direction. Here’s how our clone feature works:

  • A passenger sends a request to the nearest driver available.
  • The driver has the option to either accept or decline.
  • The passenger can share the ride with others heading to the same route.
  • Since the ride is shared, the fares get split depending on the distance traveled.
  • Passengers can choose to pay either with cash or through a cashless medium.
  • Both passengers and the driver can rate each other after the ride is completed.

We have designed this feature using the clone script of the original publisher so that our clients receive the exact same thing that other users do on the UberX Share feature on the Uber app. Our developers commit themselves to providing the same feature with an interactive layout and UI responsive for every age group.

How can you earn profits through the UberX Share feature?

The top benefits of this feature include an upfront 20% discount. However, this discount will not apply if they end up alone and no one is matched throughout the journey to share the ride. A standard UberX offers the same benefits but without a discount. Using a combination of the distance covered and the duration of the ride, Uber calculates the pricing by setting a “base rate” for every mile traveled. These rates may vary depending on your city, but the base rate always includes a minimum fare.

Opting for UberX Share could make the arrival time longer, but the passenger can pay 20% less than the actual cost of the ride. With fewer emissions per passenger, cutting gas use, as well as vehicle miles, a ride-sharing service can contribute to environmental sustainability with a long-term impact.

Why add this feature?

For various reasons, present entrepreneurs and countless business prospects favor ride-sharing services over standard ride-hailing since it is good for the environment and gives more power to the vehicle owner/driver. By introducing a fresh ride-sharing application, you can satisfy the commercial requirements of taxi fleets eventually taking your ride-sharing business to the next level of success. Get separate clone applications for passengers, and drivers along with an admin panel and merge your business name, logo, font, layout, and color schemes with the following features designed to mimic the UberX Share feature:

  • Area geo-fencing
  • Multi-currency language support
  • Smart fare calculation
  • SOS button
  • Ride tracking
  • Revenue history
  • Discounts/promo codes
  • Dynamic pricing

See the demo of our ready-made Uber clone app installed with features like UberX Share, Uber Rental, and more. Once satisfied, our team will start the white-labeling procedures. Per your requirements, we will input details like currency signs and distance units and set up referral programs for partners and customers.


Being an entrepreneur, your move should be a game changer rather than being one step ahead of your competition. Developing your own UberX Share feature from scratch requires market analysis and painstaking effort. Instead, getting help from the best clone app development team, well-versed with all the technicalities, is the best approach.

Scale your ride-sharing business with our dedicated team of experts that has delivered hundreds of applications over the past 12 years. This will support multiple languages and is your go-to UberX Share clone feature.

As the need for on-demand convenient transport systems has increased over the years, so has the popularity of service providers. It’s never too late to incorporate stories that promote market growth and your brand to surprise and please your customers. Get a lifetime license and access the source code. In just 7-8 days, launch. the moment you go live, you can start earning money!

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