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The Best Dropped Kerb Contractors of Exeter

The driveway is a private road outside the home which may be utilized in a variety of ways essential being an access point to the private property and could also be used as car parking. And legally every property in Exeter is required to have a drop kerb to access their driveways. Being an integral part of every home, provide a safe and secure point to engage in multiple activities in a comfortable environment. Contributing both to the quality of the home and life. We at A and M groundworks want to help you realize your dreams of having a perfect Dropped kerb contractors Exeter. You can either apply to your local council for permission for a drop kerb outside your property or we may apply for you.

Benefits of having dropped kerbs

Getting a dropped kerb can make a huge improvement to accessing your property as well as helping to ensure that people do not park in front of your driveway. Providing your driveway as an excellent place to park your cars and even leave them over night without the constant worrying thoughts accompanied by public parking spots and roads. Your vehicle would be safe from damage and theft. Even if you do not have a proper garage and with the added advantage of not having to walk a long way to reach your parking spot multiple times a day. Visitors and guests also can avail the advantages of a driveway in the form of convenience of park and a direct approach to the desired property. Our fame even reaches south hams

Another advantage would be a special emphasis on your privacy. Whether it is a barbeque or a get together for the family and friends, the dropped kerbs provide you privacy to enjoy a relaxed place to entertain the guests conveniently.

Owing to its multipurpose functionality, a driveway adds beauty and value to your property. Often being the make or breakpoint in the sale and purchase of a property. All our products are insured with durability and the best of products available.

Why A and M ground works


Over 40 years of satisfied customers and competent and hardworking experts. Our service is high quality and error free. We hold local trade accounts with which we can help reduce the cost of production. Thus, ensuring that your dropped kerbs are completely cost effective. With the use of good quality raw materials we ensure the longevity of our projects. Our main goal is to establish healthy relations with our customers.


We ensure that we fulfill the timelines we commit. Curbing the potential extra costs incurred by clients in the face of delays. We value your time. Allowing you to use your driveway, to its maximum potential in the shortest time possible.

Professional oversight

Providing professional oversight from the point of creative inception till the finishing touches, we insure the trust of our clients. We always build on proper foundations, using the five-step concrete to get a very stable base after which hand pointing the joints with wet mortar. We are capable of constructing complex curves and intricate circles. By which making even the simple designs look stunning. From the impact of sunlight and its shadows on the driveways to the floor plans for the parking area, play area, and the garden area. We provide a complete guide to the matter at hand.

Technical innovations

At A and M groundworks incorporate technological advancements to enhance our results. Visualizations and CAD drawings are a great way to preempt the colours, patterns, and overall design of the structure. It is not uncommon for patios to experience drainage issues, making the dropped kerbs become muddy and water clogged. Lucky for you we have you covered all the way around with expertise ranging to a great degree regarding the issue. With state of the art floor drainage system, we ensure your satisfaction. As evident from our years of hands-on experience in providing you with the best driveways in Exeter.

Our Message

We at A and M groundworks strive day in and day out to provide you with a one door solution to all your patio concerns ranging from the initial consultancy and design to the exquisite finished product. With expertise in every aspect of Dropped kerb contractors Exeter from project planning to handing the product over, our satisfied customers are our greatest treasures. We are confident that your trust in us will be as rewarding as is your satisfaction for us.

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