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The Complete Guide To Increase eCommerce Sales Using Instagram

As over 300 million Instagram users visit at least a business account every day, the chance of increasing your eCommerce sales is high on Instagram.

It is high profit for every brand and business, providing tools and features within the platform to bring more sales quickly. If you run an eCommerce business, you should try Instagram as one of your marketing sources to acquire more conversions. The following points give you the marketing strategies on Instagram to increase your eCommerce sales on the platform.

Boost Your Sales Using Instagram


The platform is free and doesn’t have any in-app installments. You could grant Instagram insights and analytics for free if you have an Instagram business account. Through this, you could acquire more information about your fans. Also, you could plan your next strategy using this helpful information.

     Audience Diversity

Instagram has over a billion active users every month. So, there are various new interests and tastes for every brand or business on the platform.

     Massive Engagement

Instagram is the engagement platform for every brand, with 3-8% of users engaged with every post. Also, focusing on the platform as a primary social media network for your eCommerce marketing could boost your online sales.

How Could You Increase Sales On Instagram?

The following points are the perfect ideas to boost your eCommerce sales using Instagram.

     Profile Optimization

Check your display name, username, bio, and profile picture. Mention the key phrases or keywords of your business or brand in them. Users get your profile quickly while searching with those phrases. For instance, if you are a hair specialist, it’s excellent to mention the word “hair” as your primary keyword.

Additionally, you could provide a link to your social media in the bio section on Instagram and make fans click to land on your target page. You could bring this through your story contents, live streams, post captions, or IGTV video content.

     Assume Your Sales Funnel Easy And Short

Everyone knows that a sales funnel is an ideal marketing concept for every user to purchase something from you at the end. There are various tools to boost your brand awareness. 

Providing an accessible and smooth sales funnel helps to increase your eCommerce sales more effectively. You will understand this process is essential when you get the audience on the platform for various reasons. So, the complicated one makes them so bored or frustrated too.

     Shopping On Instagram

The platform introduced “Instagram Shopping” to do shopping using Instagram itself. So, the audience stays on the platform to purchase products.

But there are some requirements for the Instagram shopping feature you should follow:

  • Selling of physical products is available, and the services are not still now.
  • You want to have a page on Facebook and its catalog to bring Instagram shopping.
  • You need to acquire a geographical base supported by the platform.

If you have an Instagram shop, you can submit a request and wait for a week to get approval. If your request is accepted, you can sell anything from the app directly. If your request is denied, you could still sell your products through your story contents to get more Instagram story views for your branded content to get your eCommerce products. Also, you can sell products through clickable links in the bio section to get your offline store and posts on Instagram.

     UGC(User Generated Content)

It’s a perfect way to obtain trustability for more conversions. Such content types bring you authenticity and uniqueness. Most brands on the platform use this way to connect with their audience. Ask your fans to upload their images with any of your products with a unique hashtag, this way, and you could track them to obtain more UGC.

Don’t forget to check to post UGC doesn’t affect your feed designs and the exact theme. If you didn’t get perfect with your feed design, uploading UGC in the story section is an alternative way to develop your brand trustability. As stories disappear in a day, you could use the highlight feature to save them on your profile.

     Giveaways And Contests

Giveaways and contests are the curiosity-creating factors for your fans to know about your services or products. You could offer one or multiple products or any discount codes for your contest winners for contest promotion. You could also join hands with another business to bring this successfully. Share posts or story contents to announce the contest winners.

You could ask your audience to “tag five friends” through your contest post. This way, you can increase brand awareness and engagements as new users engage with your contest post.

     Influencer Marketing

Social media advertising differs from traditional advertising. Most people nowadays prefer modern-day advertising; that’s why influencer marketing becomes more famous on the platform.

Influencers recommend their fan base to try or purchase something. A primary advantage of influencer marketing rather than traditional marketing is cost-effectiveness. You could also use micro-influencers for your brand to promote your things at a low cost.

You don’t need to provide tips to influencers for promoting your products, whether you choose a macro-influencer or micro-influencer, because they know how to convince their followers to purchase something. Provide freedom to your influencers to promote your services or products in their unique tone and style.

     Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you increase the list of email subscribers, but Instagram is not a perfect network for email marketing. Through emails, you could add compelling CTA, high-quality video content, pictures of your services or products, etc. 

You could promote your eCommerce products through emails providing free courses, workshops, promotional codes, book materials, etc.

     Flash Sale

Not every post shows in your follower’s feed because of the recent algorithm of Instagram. If you didn’t utilize the flash sale factor, your followers might miss out on your new posts. In simple words, provide an offer code for a few minutes and ask your fans to do DM to win that offer code.

Another way to get your posts is to ask your fans to click on their notification option so they will get a notification whenever you post. They will toggle the notification option and purchase from you if you offer amazing discounts and regularly offer codes to your products.

     Use Locations And Hashtags

Most brands and businesses think that using locations and hashtags doesn’t work. It’s false information; check your insights to get the right hashtags. 

Avoid using many hashtags in a post because it buries your post with lower traffic and engagements. Using a location feature helps you to get local fans and bring them to connect with your post.

     Instagram Ads Count

Ads on Instagram are similar to ads on Facebook. The primary difference is that ads on Instagram are 2.9 times higher when compared to other social networks in ad recall which brings it a perfect platform.

Ads on Instagram have significant advantages:

  • The ad cost is based on the condition of your budget.
  • Instagram’sInstagram’s ad presence duration also belongs to you.
  • Select your target audience through location, sex, interests, and age.

Summing Up

As a seller on an online platform, don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to sell on Instagram. The platform contains enough space for every business or brand to get reputable customers. So, utilize the ideas mentioned above to get your unique spot and increase more eCommerce sales on the platform.

Mary Kyle

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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