The List of Awesome and Advanced Tech Gadgets of 2020 and Beyond

For years, we humans have been introduced to new technologies in the form of tech gadgets. Technology evolves, and we are introduced to something new every year. We all learn new things every day and produce something unique and interesting with those tech gadgets. Remember, gadgets are made for our convenience as it helps complete most of our tasks efficiently and quickly. There are different types of gadgets revolving around us, from electric scooters to smart LEDs, smartphones to remote control cars, and other tech gadgets. Now let us check the upcoming tech gadgets that are expected to be launched in 2020 and beyond. Plus, use the Tatacliq and Amazon India Promo Code to buy these future gadgets and get discounts to save money.

Apple AirTag

As the name suggests, Apple AirTag is the new tech gadget by Apple. The gadget is likely to hit the market by the end of 2020. It is the location tracker that resembles a tile and can be fixed to any items to keep them tracking. It features iOS 13 software and offers ultimate tracking results for any items. It is designed with advanced Bluetooth technology that has a massive range of 200-400ft. It can be connected to any Smartphone using Bluetooth LE technology.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

It is the first mini-computer in the world to come with foldable design. It features a foldable OLED display of 13.3 inches and is designed with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The laptop comprises a flexible screen where pixels are not distorted in between. It looks like a notebook and is designed with leather back. It is lightweight, and you can hold it in hands all day long without straining your wrists. Lightweight alloy and carbon fibre are used to design this mini-computer. It is powered by Intel Core Processors and Intel Hybrid technology and runs on Windows 10X OS and comes with optional 5G connectivity. 

LG Signature RX Rollable OLED

The LG Signature Rollable OLED is the 65-inch OLED TV that has flexible hinges to roll out when in use and roll down when you are not streaming. LG Signature was launched in 2019, but it is re-introduced with some improvements and upgrades in 2020. Since it is the Smart TV, it features Alpha 9th Gen 3 Processor and available as a slim TV panel made out of flexible glass and stylish base. 

Suunto 7

Suunto 7 is the ultimate blend of Smartwatch and fitness band. It is the first model to combine all the techs with free online maps and Google’s Wear OS functions, delivering you an amazing twist to use it as a fitness band and smartwatch. The gadget features 70 sport modes, great rate sensors, GPS tracking, free online Google maps with terrain details, heat-maps for 15 activities, contour lines, Google Assistant and Google Fit along with other money managing apps from Play Store. It can resist water up to 50m and comes with different interchangeable straps.

Dell Alienware Concept UFO

Dell has marked its presence in the gaming world by launching a new concept UFO gaming console, The Alienware Concept UFO. The mini Windows PC features an 8-inch display, detachable controllers, kickstand, and support for other gadgets like a keyboard, display, and mouse. It is the advanced gaming gadget that is here to make gaming easier for users, despite being a concept gadget. 


Hydraloop is the small, compact-sized residential gadget available in the size of a small refrigerator. Its role is to automatically recycle 85% of water to reduce water wastage and sewage emission up to 45%. It helps reduce carbon footprint in the environment by 6%, making it the innovative creation that can help you reduce the energy bills and make life easier by contributing towards the betterment of the society.

Samsung Ballie

Samsung has recently launched its ball-shaped gadget called Ballie. It is a security robot fitness assistant used to connect with other gadgets and work as companions to pets and kids. It is the all-in-one companion for pets and kids that rolls around and keep a close eye on their activities and make other robots to do their assigned tasks. It is a gadget that can interact with other gadgets in the household and work as your good companion.  These are the awesome gadgets that you are likely to see in 2020 and beyond. To buy these gadgets, ensure to use Tatacliq Discount Coupon Code that lets you get a discount and make great savings on these tech gadgets. 

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