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The Room to Room Decoration For 2/3 BHK Flat

If you are a family of four living in a two-bedroom apartment, you will be struggling to make the most of the space. 

There is always the problem of rising children who need more space to spread their stuff around the house, of rooms required for rest and entertainment, and of course storage needed for the distress that they accumulate over the years. 

You can make the most of your 2 BHK Flats for Sale in Gachibowli apartment with a little smartness and support with these ideas; you will find that all the space you need can be given to you.

The Dining Room

To make the living room more inviting and relaxed, keep the elements light and airy. Consider a soft colour (white soft pink, beige, cream) and don’t get too much furniture in the place. Think of parts which can hold more people and individual chairs which can be pushed around.

Multipurpose Bits

In a home that houses four or more people, the floor space or rather the space to move around is significant. This is why it is wiser to invest in parts that provide more features than one and thus reduce the footprint of the furniture.

Think of a multi-purpose nest of chairs, an ottoman with inside a cavity for storage, a coffee table on wheels to pull away at a hat to maximize the standing area.

Built-in Racks

The use of space can be effective if long floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets are mounted on walls such as the living room. It looks not bulky, provides ample storage and gives the space a clean, uncompromising look. Moreover it eliminates the need for large cupboards in the room.

Sleeping Region

Comfortable living room-dining room

Although some 2-bhk apartments have separate living and dining rooms, some do not – both are part of a space that is multipurpose. In such cases, you can use understated partitions – curtains, wooden screens, or even plants – if you want to divide them.

They create a subtle division so that space doesn’t look tight and small suddenly. In case you would like to keep the living and dining areas as a seamless space, you can continue to furnish them with the same colour scheme and materiality. These points ensure that the room is not limited and has a lucid appearance.


It’s a useful trick to conjure up a space expansion illusion by using a mirror in front of furniture or near a light source. It amplifies what it reflects, producing an enlarged appearance of space and light.

Room Saving Seats

Choose the dining chairs that can slip after dinner under the table. Or consider benches that can seat more than one person and can when not in use be tucked out completely. Alternatively, you can try fold-out tables that are totally out of reach and can be placed back on walls.

If you want a good desk, you might be able to have a circular one as it normally offers more room for walks around it from either side, saving valuable space.

Floating Regiments

Cabinets or sideboards look good in China of course, but a room can be dominated by their bulkiness. On the other side, floating shelves can be customised to meet your needs and can look light and optically less intimidating.

Master Bedroom 

Large furniture

Consider your bedroom arrangement with a low bed, tables and chairs. By holding things low, the height of the walls and the ceiling is higher and the room tends to be larger and larger. Unobstructed lines of view offer a sense of space.

Transparent seats in the bedroom

Try to replace your wooden desk with a glass-topping table and swap plastic seats for standard chairs. These may take up the same area, but they trick the eye into believing that they don’t have the same visual effect.

Stock Shop

When the cabinets in the room are already full, one way to maximise storage is by picking beds with built-in drawers, so the bulky socks, serviette or small toys can be kept away. Opt for 2 3 BHK Flats in Hyderabad for Sale.

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