Three Ways to Improve Your Commercial Property

For those businesses trading from a commercial property, looks matter. A clean, well-furnished, and well-appointed building will inspire confidence in your professionalism and trustworthiness. However, a grubby building that’s falling into a state of disrepair is only going to put off punters. As such, improving your commercial property should always be in your mind as a method to boost sales and your business’ respectability. Below, we share three tips to help you make your business sparkle, attracting customers to trade with you.


Perhaps the most important factor when consumers are judging your commercial property from the outside is how it looks. Books are often judged by their covers and businesses by their walls, windows, and roofs. So, it’s time to consider giving your business a spruce-up, looking at all your options to make your building look more attractive to punters.

In simple terms, it’s time to clean those walls, buff up those windows, and repaint surfaces in bright, weather-resistant paint. If your roof is looking a bit scrappy, bring in a commercial roofing firm to make it uniform, inviting, and durable. And consider adding flowering plants around the entrance, and other aesthetic flourishes, to make your firm that bit more inviting to the passing pedestrian.

Clean and Green

Businesses that take care of their surroundings are considered to positively impact the communities in which they trade. For instance, if you’re careful to pick up little and provide bins outside your store, you’ll help to do your bit to clean up the community. The same can be said for sweeping dirt, dust, and leaves from the front of your store.

Elsewhere, there are other ways in which you can brighten up a community. We’ve already mentioned flowers – but how about planting trees? Or, if you want to show off your green credentials to young consumers, why not invest in solar panels to power your business, which consumers will be able to spot on your roof? Such investments in clean, green communities won’t go unnoticed – and may well be rewarded by extra footfall in your store.


Finally, once you’ve attracted a consumer through the doors of your store, you still have some work to do to leave a positive impression on them. Keep things incredibly clean – it’s something people have been especially sensitive about since the COVID pandemic. Reassure customers with signage that your business is regularly cleaned and that you have facilities for them to clean their hands if they so wish.

Meanwhile, consider the other ways in which you can set visitors at ease within your store. You may choose to play calming music over a speaker system, or regulate the temperate so that shoppers are neither too hot nor too cold. The inter design and layout of your commercial property will also matter – so give this some extra thought if you’re interested in making your store’s visitors impressed when they stroll in off the street.

There you have it: three key fields in which you can improve your commercial property, driving footfall and sales within your store.

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