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Tips to Choose the Right Colour of your Hardwood Floor

New flooring is certainly a huge investment. Hence choosing the right colour and type is much important, especially for a hardwood floor newbie.

Is oak herringbone flooring better than the walnut, what’s up with light flooring? Is it a disaster? Are warm tones trending and good to go with? Here are our top tips for making a decision with the color of your hardwood flooring. Just scroll through.

1. Choose Light Colours for Small Rooms

If you have installed hardwood flooring in small rooms than consider lighter colours. In most cases light colour floors make space appear larger as it makes space seem airy and open. The best colours to opt for in such case are off-white and beige.

Light colours are also versatile when it comes to designing the rest of your room. You can paint your windows in light colours or you can even go for darker shades for colour contrast.

2. Add Sophistication with Dark Colours

Recently, darker colours and exotic woods have been trending. For this very reason, bamboo is a striking and eco-friendly option that is darker in colour.

Dark wooden floors, without any doubt, add elegance and sophistication. However, they do not suit all types of homes. If your room is already small, dark floors will make it look smaller. But these days it’s quite common to install them in bathrooms and kitchen.

3. Patterned Wood

If you are fond of rustic, chic look then patterned wood will be a perfect choice for your home. Parquet is the main item in this category. Mainly there are two types of parquet flooring – Herringbone Engineered Flooring and chevron.

Several different tones complement various décor designs and styles. Having said that, the parquet is not the single patterned wood option. Wooden planks are also quite popular in this category. The natural variance in their colour provides a rich texture.

While patterned wood will give a character and rustic look to your living area, it might look a little offbeat in the kitchen. Hence choose your flooring wisely for each room.

4. Be Mindful of Sunlight

Natural light may change the look of your wooden flooring. If you are planning to install wood in any room with gobs of sunlight, your floor will look different during the daytime then it will at night. Wood also damages over time when exposed a lot to sunlight due to its harmful UV rays.

Hence, if you really want a wood floor in such a room, make sure to consult with the specialist about the effect of sunlight before installing. Alternatively, if you have set your mind and soul on a particular colour and material, you can always limit the exposure of the sun with window treatments.

5. Samples Can Help

Taking samples at home and trying them on your floors in the only way to know if you like the particular colour or not.

Take samples of all the shades you have taken into consideration. Then set them up and check whether it will look good or not. Also, put them close to your furniture so you can visualize how they’ll look with your interiors.

This will help you get the actual idea! At floor save, we offer a wide variety of outstanding herringbone engineered oak flooring, solid wood, laminate flooring, and many other flooring options sold at the best possible rates in the UK. So rest reassured that when you’ll choose them, you will certainly get the best quality.

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