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Tools: How to Choose The Right Drill Bits?

Even as a professional it is not always easy to find your way among the incredible variety of drills. So, if you are an amateur handyman and you are trying to find those that will allow you to carry out your drilling work, it is normal to need some explanations. That’s good, we are here today to take stock with you, and help you choose your drills!

Choosing The Right Drills for Drilling Metal:

Drilling metal with drilling machine is not always a simple task. It is therefore recommended to prepare your tools in advance and to check that you have the right metal forests.

  • HSS (High Speed Steel) steel drills are the most common. We distinguish the HSS bits, ideal for drilling non-ferrous metals, the HSS-R, more resistant drills, which can pierce gray cast iron, and the HSS-G bits which have better longevity, and which can pierce alloy steels.
  • Drills containing carbide are mainly used to drill soft and non-ferrous metals.
  • The wicks made of titanium are extremely robust. But be careful to choose drills whose percentage of titanium will really make a difference.
  • Cobalt drills have better heat resistance, so it is possible to use them at higher speeds. They pierce hard steels, cast iron, bronze, and nickel.
  • Solid carbide bits are extremely good quality drills that can drill any metal, ferrous or not. Their cost is much higher than that of other metal drills.

Choosing the right drill bits for drilling concrete:

Are you renovating and need to drill concrete? Good news, most of the bits used to drill concrete are made of tungsten carbide. This extremely solid material makes it possible to carry out drilling work in concrete, but also in natural stones such as granite.

To choose the concrete drills that meet your needs, you must dwell on the shape of these.

• Smooth shank concrete drills are suitable for conventional impact drills.
• SDS + bits have a special branch and are compatible with SDS + tools. They offer higher perforation power than conventional models.
• SDS Max drills are compatible with SDS Max tools. These, whose power is generally greater than 1200 W, are high quality professional tools.

Choosing the Right Drills for Drilling Wood:

Do you want to put wooden shelves, or make a piece of furniture yourself? This material is very different from metal and concrete, so it is necessary to choose suitable wood drills and bits to drill it.

Note that the vast majority of wood bits are made of hardened steel. The main thing to choose is therefore the shape of the drill bits. There are two types of wood drill bits:

Twist drills. Ideal for wide holes, helical bits are available up to more than 20mm in width. Three-pointed bits are very popular twist drills, especially among carpenters. Thanks to their small points, they can form a circular million before drilling. Spiral drills have been designed so that the wood chips are removed during drilling. They are found especially when drilling large diameters, on structural work, for example.

Flat drills. These flat bits are perfect for drilling wood on small thicknesses and small diameters. They have the advantage of being very precise

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