Top 10 Best Atta Chakki for Home Use

Buying an atta chakki can be a difficult task as it depends on several factors. The main factors that you must consider while purchasing flour mills are their features, price, utility, and warranty. Moreover, a flour mill must retain all the essential nutrients while grinding the grains. Keeping in mind all the above factors, we have listed the 10 best flour mills that you can choose from for home use.

Natraj Viva Designer Atta Chakki Gharghanti

Price: INR 16,999

This fully automatic domestic atta chakki by Natraj can be one of the best options if you are looking for a portable flour mill. It comes with nylon wheels that allow you to take this mill from one room to another easily. The 4.5 kg hopper will enable you to grind everything: wheat, rice, coffee, udad, moong, mehandi, etc.

The hopper is designed in such a way that you can grind large quantities of grains at once, retaining all the major nutrients. You will get 7 perforated jaalis of different sizes. You can use any of them according to your requirement. 

The cold-forged steel grinding chamber ensures that no iron particle is present in the grains. This mill does not comprise an in-built vacuum cleaner, but it automatically cleans the interior after completing the grinding process. You can further clean it with a wooden brush. 

Natraj TALL Atta Chakki GharGhanti

Price: INR 20,859

This atta chakki by Natraj is ideal for larger families. It is almost similar to Natraj Viva Designer. However, there are certain differences. It has a 16.66% bigger hopper than Viva Designer, having a capacity of 5.25 kg. The machine size is also bigger, with a weight of 45 kgs. Finally, it is equipped with an in-built vacuum cleaner. This flour mill can grind around 7 to 10 kg of grains per hour. 

MICROACTIVE Florence Fully Automatic Domestic Atta Maker

Price: INR 14,499

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then this atta chakki by Microactive is the best model available in the market. Unlike the other brands with a 4-blade grinding chamber, this model gets a 6-blade high-quality grinding chamber. Another difference with other flour mills is that it uses cold-forged aluminium in the grinding chamber instead of cold-forged steel. The hopper size is around 4-5 kg. Other essential features include child safety lock, castor wheels, stainless steel containers, and 100% copper wiring. 

NAVSUKH Vikrant Premium Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

Price: INR 23,499

This atta chakki by Navsukh is known for the warranty that it offers. Besides the 1-year standard warranty, you will get a 9-year warranty on the motor and a 35-year warranty on the grinding chamber. The automatic flour mill comes with caster wheels that make it portable. It also comprises a 6-blade grinder. The interior of the flour mill is coated with a steel sheet that allows you to clean it easily. It offers 8 perforated jaalis of different consistencies. The interior is made of antibacterial food-grade material. This machine can grind around 10-12 kg of grains per hour. 

Milcent Supreme Talky Flour Mill

PriceINR 16,999

According to the company, this atta chakki consumes 30% less electricity than other flour mills. This fully automatic flour mill works on a single switch. It comprises a hopper capacity of 5 kg. It can grind around 7 to 10 kg of grains per hour. This machine uses power saver motors, SKF bearings, and copper windings to reduce electricity consumption. Other interesting features include auto safety lock, in-built vacuum cleaner, overload protection, chamber lock, auto restart, and front door LED. 

Sonar Stone Grinder Flourmill Atta Maker

Price: Between INR 12,000 and 14,500

Though you will not find any advanced feature in it, this atta chakki by Sonar Stone is a reliable option for a budget-friendly domestic flour mill. This is a very conventional type of grinder and can grind all kinds of grains and spices. It has a compact design and can be easily placed anywhere in the kitchen. The hopper size is 5 kg. It can grind 8 to 10 kg of grains per hour. However, the child safety lock is missing, so this may not be a safe option if you have kids at home. The auto-clean feature is also not available. However, it has two running modes – fast and normal. 

MICROACTIVE Classic Fully Automatic Domestic Flour Mill 

Price: 13,499

This classic Atta Chakki by MicroActive is another budget-friendly option in the market. This model is almost similar to the MicroActive Florence flour mill. However, the LED lights in the front door are missing here. The hopper size is 5 kg and it can grind 8 to 10 kg of grains per hour. It also includes several notable features such as child safety lock, load protection device, auto clean, chamber security, and automatic safety device at this price range. 

MANSUKH Healthy Pro Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

Price: Around INR 17,500

This atta chakki by Navsukh is one of the most user-friendly options out there in the market. It comes with an automatic feeding system that allows you to grind around 10 to 12 kgs of grains per hour. It features 8 perforated jaalis of different consistencies. Other features are ABFM technology, overload protector, child safety lock, heat protector, and likewise.   

Aastha Premium Atta Chakki

Price: INR 14,999

This automatic flour mill by Aastha comes with six different perforated jaalis. It has a cold-forged steel grinding chamber. This is a very user-friendly model that uses the minimum electricity for its working. 

NAVSUKH Prima Automatic Domestic Flour Mill

Price: INR 14,390 

This atta chakki by Navsukh also comes with extraordinary warranty coverage of 35 years on the grinding chamber. It can grind 10 to 12 kg of grains per hour. It is fully automatic, user-friendly, portable, and easy to clean. 

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