Top 10 Birthday Gifting Ideas

Birthdays- have a great significance in one’s life, your every birthday carries a memory within itself, and gifts make these memories more precious for your loved ones. Gifts have always played a role in making your bond a healthier and stronger one. Apart from being a venture of appreciation, the right gifts also show how much you love them. Your gift could be a reminder of your love and gratitude for their presence in your life.

Birthdays are specific milestones in a person’s life to be celebrated every year, and there’s no age restriction for it. Irrespective of the individual’s age, it’s far important for you to give the person special attention for the duration of that day and make the person feel special for being 12 months older. A well-conceived gift is an ideal way of creating that person to feel unique, in particular when it is a gift suitable for accurate wellbeing.

Stuck in this lockdown, well, everyone is in the same boat, yet greet them with your love, even when you’re not around, online cake delivery in Delhi and this birthday, let them know how special they are to you.

It could be frustrating, that you’re stuck, and you cannot celebrate their birthday but that definitely does not mean that you cannot bang on. Here are 10 simple yet creative gifting ideas with which you can make them feel special.

Wood Pasted Photo Album

These photo albums make a great present to celebrate a birthday. Create a photo album of your memories, that can make your loved one understand how special they are to you.

Hangouts, you’re weird though cute pictures, traveling pictures… Everyone loves spending time with loved ones and takes a photo to cherish the moments later, so why not create a special photo album and treasure your memories.

Message bottles

Message bottles

Message bottles are very trending nowadays, well this trend is for a reason because this is a mix of emotion and innovation. Personalised messages in these beautiful glass bottles, could be the ultimate way you could greet them.

If you are bored with the old ways of your romantic expression, then expressing your feelings through a message in a simple glass bottle could be the best way you could find out. Along with this do an online bouquet delivery to them, and show them your love.

Mascot gifts

Mascot gifts

Mascot gifts could be the best birthday gift, if you’re new to someone, and wants to create a stronger bond with them. Mascots are believed to bring good luck in one’s life. Gifting mascots clearly shows that you want to make your friendship bond stronger. But here you have to make your choice a bit smarter, as every mascot conveys a different meaning. Minnie mouse mascot, or mickey mouse mascot shows your care towards someone, whereas Avengers Mascot shows that you’re always there to protect them.

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Notebooks will be the best gift, for someone who shows a keen interest in writing. Every gift conveys a different meaning, so if you’re gifting a notebook to someone it shows that you want to see their pure love. You could select their favourite T.V. show cover notebook for them. Birthday flowers could also be sent along as it shows that you want to leave your name in their heart.


Jewellery is something which could not be gifted to anyone, if your boy has gifted your jewellery, then well you’re lucky, cause this means that he takes the relationship seriously. And he may be ready to take this to the next level.

Hand-Made Cards

Hand-Made Cards

Making hand-made cards is very meaningful and tender too. These kinds of gifts reveal how much your partner loves you and cares for all your likes and dislikes.


If you want to make them feel special on their birthday, by telling them how much you love them, then chocolate is the thing you are searching for. Gift a chocolate box and buy a flower bouquet online to show them you love.

Chocolates, Personalised Cakes

Personalised Cakes

Birthdays are obviously not complete without cakes, and sending them personalised cakes will definitely have a different impact. You could order it online if you’re not around them, this signifies that you’ll always be there.


Books are not just the collection of ink and paper, but by gifting books, you give them a passport to a different world. You give them an invitation to look into the world from a different vision. Gift them their favourite genres of books this birthday.


Gifting flowers to someone reveals that you want to leave your name in their heart. Order flowers online if you’re not around them. Online flower delivery in Pune is the new trend now. Various online sites are delivering flowers in different cities.

Hope these ideas helped you, and sorted your dilemma of gifting.

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