Top 10 SEO Tips To Dominate Google in 2021

As an SEO freelancer in Bangalore, today I want to talk to you about the top 10 SEO tips for better Google rankings.

1) Creating Evergreen Content

Number one creates content that isn’t time-sensitive. what I mean by that is you want to write blogs that are going to last through the ages know you want something that’s going to lat, be good, Be relevant now and you’re going to want something that’s going to be relevant six months to a year or even two years from now. Now there are certain occasions when some flashes up in the news and I say hey I could use that news piece and use it in one of my blog posts or the potential that I’m going to get a lot of hits from those keywords and from that story, then of course you know I’m going to target that and write about it and you know it’s going to last maybe you know if I’m the lucky one to two weeks but then it’s going to die down and it’s going to be completely forgotten about. I do that about two percent of the time… ninety-eight percent of the time I’m going to create content that isn’t time-sensitive.

2) Write For Customers

Think about your customer’s needs… if you get inside your customer what are what kind of keywords are they going to type in when they’re searching on Google, think about think it like your customer and put your set yourself into their shoes, and then you’re going to start to have better results.

3) Guest Blogging

You want to do some guest blogging… now I know everyone out there isn’t going to be asked to do a guest blog… now fortunate enough I am a regular guest blogger because I’m sought out expert in one of my niches but that isn’t the case for everybody and I have a tip where you can do that and you don’t even need to be an expert, the fact you can just be brand new to this whole internet marketing game and you can still be a guest blogger.

4) Building Back-links

We all need more links! now how you can do this? combined number three and number four with the guest blogging and build more backlinks through an amazing tool called the automatic backlink reader to build links. It has a link section you put your link to your blog into the link section and that link section is then going to be posted and randomly display across the tens of thousands of blogs in the network and it’s going to act as if you were posting a comment on somebody else’s blogs. It’s doing the work for you! now back to this guest blogging it also gives you a section where you can add spun articles your spun articles then are getting drip-fed throughout that tens of thousands of blogs into the network and you’re actually acting and being posted on other people’s blogs thus becoming a guest blogger and having your unique backlinks getting back to your original site. You can kill two birds with one stone with the automatic backlink creator.

5) Create Informative Videos

You need to create informative videos… create stories and with these stories that create these powerful moving videos that are filled with music that are slowed down to capture the moment and it really draws in customers and I’ve had great responsive with it.. so get into videos and start posting them because Google also loves youtube and with YouTube your videos if you choose the right keywords are going to move up into the search engines and if your blog isn’t being found maybe your video is! If you leave your link at the end of the video then you’re going to start to be found people are going to find your website.

6) Updating Website on a Regular Basis

You want to update your website on a daily basis, I know this sounds kind of insane but you know with a new website I like to post a blog post every single day for the first 90 days. You know I realized that some of my days get pretty hectic and especially around weekends you know I like to head up to the mountains and go skiing but if I plan properly it’s very easy for me to just bust out one or two articles during out the week and then I can take five minutes on my Saturday post that blog article and be done with it and then I can enjoy the rest of my weekend for my older sites. Realistically I do three or four times or three to five times a week and I post articles.

7) Create Engaging Article Titles

You need to concentrate on your article titles.. put your keywords in your title and put your keywords in the first sentence of your description. The Google spiders and bots are going to be looking for this and if you can master this technique and then combine it with building backlinks whether you’re building it with all the automatic backlink creator or you’re giving guest blog posts however you’re doing it you know if you put your keywords into the title and into the first sentence then you’re going to start to be found.

8) Avoid Flash Based Websites

They’re awful, they look great but they’re awful, they load slow! I lose interest I click away which means if people like are waiting for the stupid website to load then they’re going to click away and there goes another potential customer stick to something that’s going to load fast. The beautiful thing about WordPress which I love, WordPress and so does Google is that it gives you the opportunity to add tools that make sure that your website is loading quickly and therefore people won’t click away and get disinterested and you lose a potential customer.

9) Article Submission Sites

This is an SEO practice that’s been you know has been quite in play for quite a while. Basically, it is another tool to build backlinks to your original blog article.. now if you use submission sites you are going to start to build authority & it gives you another backlink number so that you can give more credibility to that one article post on your blog and then Google’s going to give you the thumbs up and start moving you up in the search engines.

10) Hire SEO Agency

You want a higher SEO agency if this is all just time consuming for you. I realized that we have other important things that we got to do. Have to Deal with customers and clients and you know sometimes they’re weak and time just slips away and in that case just simply hire it out, automate it when you can and if you can automate it then you’re going to give everybody including yourself a better experience and overall if we can give our clients a better experience than our reputation is going to grow and once our reputation grows that we’re going to be found and people are going to give us services and we’re going to be in business for a very long time so take these 10 things put them into play.

Margaret dogostino

I am a freelance content writer also coding during my spare time

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