Top 11 Things To Do In Grayton Beach With Kids

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Bringing your kids to the beach makes for a fun family vacation. That should give you and your family plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories. Check out, nearby Grayton beach places to stay for your trip, and enjoy your day at the beach.

Here are some interesting ideas on things to do in Grayton Beach with kids and your family, once you get there:

Take Photos

Take a million photos. Capture every moment. You’ll look back on many of those photographs and laugh. You can also blow up those photos and hang them up in frames once you get home.

Visit The Museum

A visit to the Underwater Museum of Art is an excellent way to give your kids some educational fun while you’re on holiday. They’ll learn a lot of things, many of which might spark their interest in the arts, sciences, or marine life.

Shop Around

A trip to the beach and local town isn’t complete without a bit of shopping. Let them roam around and pick out souvenirs they want from the shops. Years from now, when they see that bracelet, wallet, or even ref magnets, they’ll look back on this trip with fondness.

Feast On Seafood

Teach your kids how to enjoy delicious seafood. Let them dig into steaming buckets of shrimps or enjoy crab meat and fish. Fresh fare makes all the difference. You’ll find yourself looking forward to every meal.

Ride A Boat

Give your kids the experience of riding a boat. Have them marvel at how big the sea is, how wide the sky, and how fun it is to explore the water. Just make sure you’re all wearing life vests.

Play Games

Organize beach games. It could be an energetic game of tag or a volleyball game. You could also do a ‘build a sandcastle’ game, with a panel of judges choosing the winner. There are so many things you can do that your kids will surely enjoy. Take a bit of time to come up with them.


Take a dip. Swim in natural freshwater and seawater. Let them play and swim for the entire morning or even day. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen on them every few hours, though, to protect against the sun’s rays.

Go Kayaking

Get your kids interested in a few water sports by taking them kayaking or canoeing. If it’s their first time to try it, then they’re certain to be super excited about rowing the boat. Give them tips.

Ride A Bike

Do your kids know how to bike? This is a good time to teach them. Go around the same town on a bike. That’s one fun way to explore the local area.


Paddle-boarding is fun. Your kids will learn how to balance on a board. However, this is much more ideal for older kids, so keep that in mind.

Drive To The Park

Pay a visit to the Graton Beach State Park. Let your children get a glimpse of the wildlife. You might run across foxes or even deers if your group is lucky enough.

More Awaited fun in Grayton Beach With Kids, when you visit there. Beach never disappoints!

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