Top 5 Tools a Graphic Designer Must Have

As the evolution of Digital Marketing space is happening over the years, it’s becoming quite challenging for Graphic Designers to communicate their message efficiently and effectively to their audience.

The responsibility of an excellent Graphic Designer is to make their audience engaged in the content and get their attention.

For this, there are various means of communication it can be by having a beautiful picture, graphic illustration, info-graphic, banner, social media post, etc.

We will discuss Top 5 Tools a Graphic Designer Must Have

1. Adobe Photoshop[Mainly for Raster Images]

The street which prompted photograph altering was rarely so intriguing. The alternatives that inject life into your pictures, making your work ‘all the rage’ regardless of whether you are an amateur.

With Photoshop, you can without much of a stretch consolidate numerous pictures and even expel undesirable articles from the picture.

It offers fundamental highlights like point of view adjustment, channel blending, and clone stamp device. Photoshop runs on the two Windows and Mac. Photoshop is likewise considered as extraordinary compared to other visual depiction programming for apprentices as it accompanies rearranged alternatives like:

Cropping, fixing, pivoting and flipping.

Auto-Fix: One touch change.

Imperfection Removal: Ability to expel any spot or soil from the picture.

Shading: Slide controls to improve the shades of the picture.

One-Touch channel: 20 eye-getting impacts to browse.

Picture Rendering: Panoramic picture alternative.

Outskirts: Add your own touch.

Crude photograph support: RAW configuration support.

Sharing: by means of locales like Facebook, Revel, Twitter, Tumblr, and that’s just the beginning.

2. Adobe Illustrtor[Mainly for Vector Art]

If you are creative head and love to design logos, brand identity’s, large format banners, roll-ups, etc. Adobe Illustrator is the place you cannot afford to miss as a Graphic Designer since having such a massive arsenal of tools at your disposal will give you the power to make your designs absolutely awesome. So without wasting time, use the illustrator for wonderful sketches and typography vector art.

3. Corel Draw[Mainly for Vector Art]

CorelDraw, a vector illustrations editorial manager, that is hands down one of the most well known Industry Standard editors. CorelDraw has some cool beneficial capabilities and such usability that no other vector editorial manager can coordinate to.

The apparatuses give you full control so you can get quick and dynamic outcomes. With CorelDraw variant X5 or more, you get an inbuilt coordinator (Corel CONNECT) too.

With instruments like Twirl, Smear, Repel, and Attract – vector object altering was rarely so natural. The Alignment direct empowers you to situate questions according to your necessity. CorelDraw works easily with enormous documents in Corel Photo-Paint, making it an absolute necessity to have in the visual computerization programming list. It additionally bolsters applications like Barcode wizard, Duplexing wizard, Bitstream Font Navigator, and so forth. Look at additional about CorelDRAW.

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4. Affinity Photo

It is a Professional photo-editing application that makes the workflow for a designer quite easy.

Keep in mind that it is one of the most affordable professional photo editing applications available in the market.

It offers robust features for fine-tuning images, and also raw images can be accessed directly.

5. Canva

Well, it’s a no brainer as most of the bloggers & digital marketing experts use this free tool, which gives enough creative options for the designer community, and to top the charts, it has the free version available as well, which gives massive power to the creative mind.

Canva offers you pre-made designs for social-post, flyers, banners, cut-outs, product-labels, presentations in which you can simply fine-tune it according to your taste and preference and use them for your next creative project.


So I hope these 5 tools will deliver more value to your creative journey and help you become a better graphic designer. If you need a Graphic Designer Delhi services do get in touch with us.

so try these tools mentioned above and let us know what do you think of them.

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