Top 8 Exclusive SEO Strategies to Dominate the Year 2020

With the booming of new businesses on a daily basis the competition to reach the readers get a new height. By following the latest trends of SEO you can be able to fulfill the specific demands of the search engines for ranking the website on the first page of SERPs.

Thousands of drastic changes are taken place to the search algorithms by Google each year. Although they are minor yet it can possess the greatest affect on the web page ranking. Read on this blog to know the top 8 SEO trends that are going to dominate digital marketing in 2020. 

  1. Voice search can be used for searching anything

    After the incision of voice search, a major percentage of the search takes place via the voice search medium. Also, it has been greatly preferred with the introduction of the Smartphone.

    Its excellent features and functional ability makes certain things possible for people to make the job quite easier than ever. Interestingly, the voice search helps in typing the search query as per your style of speaking and words pronounced.

    As typically these search queries are specific and long-tail users want the accurate and precise answer only. Sometimes, long-tail keywords are also used by the users for search any coherent information. Voice searches are usually local and so bullet lists can incorporate you in the improvement of voice queries search. For this, the local SEO should be utilized for the optimization of the website at the same time.
  2. Search results will be dominated by featured snippets

    The featured snippet is referred to as the answerable summary of a specific search query. Generally, it is placed atop of the SERP result both organic and paid ads as well. In the last couple of years, significant changes can be experienced in Google SERPs.

    Most of the time search results receive no clicks as the featured snippet answers them clearly and directly by eradicating the necessity of clicking the result depending on the Meta description. Even it has been observed that in comparison to the organic search results, the featured snippet receives more traffic as it is clear, concise, and informative.

    Therefore, it is highly recommended to focus on query-based keywords and search queries. If you want to make use of the section of people also ask it puts insight into more associated questions and in-depth answer can be easily found.
  3. More SEO influencers will be leveraged by the businesses

    As per the research, a number of businesses invest more in the influencers. It clearly depicts the significance of influencer marketing in every type of business regardless of the industry. Ads are the key thing that can overwhelm the online users but in the end, all of them look for the relevant information to rely upon!

    Majorly, influencers provide quality information via posting reviews on the specific brand its services, and products. So, people are more trusted on the influencers than that of the posted advertisements. Thus, the prime job role of the influencers is assisting in generating leads, increasing online visibility, and the amplification of the content search.

    At the same time, there are a number of companies that don’t receive any ROI from valuable investment in the influencer marketing as they lack either proper planning or execution of the sponsored content. In such cases the business unable to meet the demand of the customers.

    This is the space in which a reliable SEO company in Las Vegas with much experience in the specific niche can be your ideal companion. The backlinks you receive will be noticed by Google as the element of authenticity which will make the SEO effort fruitful.   
  4. BERT will sustain for long

    BERT is the abbreviated form of Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers which answers the users’ queries on their own. This is the drastic change brought by the Google after its transformation in the search algorithm in 2014.

    Amongst 10 queries it will impact only one. By the implementation of BERT SEO marketers usually heighten the probability of ranking in the 1st page and that too along with featured snippets. BERT is excellent for the conversation type of question in which the prepositions such as ‘for’ and ‘to’ play a big role. After its leveraging, any sort of optimization can’t be performed.

    It is so; because Google makes use of it to clearly understand used natural language. However, the intent can be optimized for the search queries as it is the only option for posting successful and informative content. Before that, you should analyze the top content rank in the first SERP especially the keywords. On the basis of that, content should be created for matching the intention of the user.
  5. Digital experience is what people want

    Customer experience gets improved with the implementation of the digital-first approach which is preferred by most companies. This improvement also impacts on remarkable revenue growth at the same time. The loading speed of the pages is a pivotal aspect of ranking. Even quality content seems meaningless if the page doesn’t get loaded fast.

    A high complexity user interface will also affect the rank adversely. Customer experience is the key element on which the long-term relationship within businesses and customers sustains. Users will usually devote more time on your website if you offer a positive user experience. It can be taken into account by guiding the users in finding the exact information they are looking for on your website.

    Even the next step should be comprised of easy features. While designing the user experience, things must be addressed from the users’ perspective. Instead of high-density or complex words use simple ones that are clearly understandable. Otherwise, the SEO of the site will be badly affected while the bouncing rate becomes tremendously high!
  6. Video content is the latest ‘King’ of content

    Video is loved by Google the most! Now, it is considered as the integral digital marketing effort and SEO strategy. A result shows the websites stuffed with video content get a better position in the SERPs easily in contrary to the ones with the little amount of video content. YouTube videos can be used too for providing optimal support to the existed content in the specific web pages.

    Although you are not guaranteed with 1st page SERP yet ensure to receive much more traffic as the videos will be indexed by Google. Also, embedded videos can convert huge traffic as well. Video content should be optimized as per the width of the blog. The page number should be attached to it so that the user can easily understand what your video content tries to depict.     
  7. Search ranks will be determined by content length

    It is undeniable that only quality content helps in securing the #1 position in the SERPs. Now quantity also matters with the quality for obtaining a position in the first page of the SERPs. Lots of arguments can be found regarding the ideal content length.

    Basically the length of the content of the top web pages is about 2000 words. It is because high-quality as well as long-form content gets more visibility and improve the rank of the pages consecutively.

    However, content should be totally focused on the relevant topic clearing answer to the users and related to search. Much time is needed to deal with the lengthy content and Google starts preferring you. As a result soon you can make authority and improve your website rank in the search query with the incorporation of Google.
  8.   A storm of mobile search will be all over

    Nowadays most internet users perform varied transactions and search on their mobile phones. Considering this aspect Google has prioritized mobile-first indexing for the improvement of the search experience perform on mobile. Simple with search engine optimization it is not possible to reach far or atop. Mobile optimization is a must these days.

    You should come with a fresh concept other than rich snippets or responsive designs. Mobile optimization usually comes with voice search optimization. Apart from using long-tail keywords for on-page SEO, technical SEO depends on the representation and content structure. 

    After clearly understand the importance of SEO in digital marketing, much-needed focus can be put on the algorithm updates. SEO is regarded as the holistic procedure which needs both online and offline marketing trends for success.

Hence, one should invest in long-term SEO for generating much leads and ROI. Induji Tech is the leading SEO agency that can help you in this prospect. This will also end up with a better position of your web pages in the SERPs. As a result, you will receive many more clicks and don’t feel ignored.  

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