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Top 8 Trending Freelancing Sites to Work from Home

One of the hardest parts about hunting for a freelancing job is getting started. From picking a skill (or even developing one from scratch) to building a robust portfolio, to actually writing proposals, there are a lot of many things that need to be figured out to ensure a successful launch.

Then, once you’re up and running, keeping your skills updated with today’s fast-paced world with modern trends, new tools, and technical changes present other challenges.

Not all freelancers undergo formal training.

If you’re like me, you studied how to be excellent at marketing – you learned how to be a great designer, artist, video editor, coder, writer, or photographer. But when you choose to jump onto the freelancing bandwagon on your own and work with clients, it hits you like a ton of bricks that success requires more than just mastering a craft.

On the flip side, becoming a freelancer is not as difficult as it may seem. But once you learn to detect the right platform to showcase your skills, you start to appreciate its tantalizing power.

If you’re thinking of starting your very own freelancing career, but just don’t have a clue on which platform to start with, then fear not!

I have you covered, here is a list of 8 freelancing sites that provide you ample of new opportunities to work safely and from the comfort of your home.


Sounds very familiar, right! If you have already researched this topic, then Upwork should be no new to you. A popular freelancing platform for every freelancer with jobs viz; web development, data entry jobs, data science, sales and marketing, writing, accounting, and everything under the sun. Small businesses to huge players like Microsoft, Airbnb, etc. look here for skilled freelancers to work for them.


Fiverr is another popular freelance marketplace, where companies find and hire expert freelancers across the globe. With a niche of your own and a substantial presence on Fiverr, you get the most exposure to finding new projects and reliably earn additional revenue. With digital services in 300+ categories, you can easily set up an account and start offering your services to clients in no time.


Designhill is a graphic design platform for all the freelance designers out there. It is a creative platform for designers to learn and showcase their creative work and, at the same time, earn. Business owners who have a specific high-quality custom design need such as business card design, logo design, packaging designs, etc. run contests, where freelance designers worldwide contest and submit designs. And the best design is picked off the lot and awarded as the winning design.

We Work Remotely

With 2.5 million users a month, WeWorkRemotely is a large remote work community to find and list incredible remote jobs. The site lets you browse through ample opportunities in a variety of job niches with more design-related offerings. Be it a freelancer or a company seeking a designer has to pay a $299 to list on the site. Undoubtedly a legit platform, as big wigs like Amazon, Google, Basecamp, and Invision have posted on it. The best part is, WeWorkRemotely saves you from the hassle of creating a profile, instead just find the right job, click on the link, and apply.


One of the more popular frugal employment websites, with a spout of job opportunities. With a multitude of freelance openings in almost every field we can think of, SimplyHired has a lot to offer, whether you’re a graphic designer, marketer, writer, manager, a schoolteacher, and more. Also, with multiple job categories, the site lets you narrow down your searches, save your time, and helps you stay focused on the job of your interest. With a simple resume upload, the job hunt site keeps your profile up and running, making it all easy for the employee and freelancers.


PeoplePerHour is an online platform giving business to freelance workers and has a wealth of potential leads. With hundreds of job opportunities, the site lets you discover a job that aligns with your interest, within minutes. Around one million business owners use PeoplePerHour to help grow their business, with a free job posting. Every freelancer is continuously reviewed and rated as they complete their job, allowing the business owners to pick the right choice.


Guru is another great freelancing site that allows freelancers to connect with businesses all around the world. The site is flexible and cost-effective, helps companies hire professional freelancers for web development, programming, data entry, content writing, Social media management, and much more. With regular feedback scores and reviews about freelancers, every employer can find a reliable and time-tested freelancer. Flexible payment options like fixed price, hourly, recurring, and task-based make Guru a viable option for freelancing.


Remarkably similar and popular as Upwork. Freelancer is a crowd sourcing marketplace website with a wide variety of freelance job postings like programming, data entry, graphic design, writing, web development, SEO, content marketing, and many more. Many early birds consider Freelancer as one of the best freelancing websites to search for new jobs, for its simplicity. The potential employers post jobs and freelancers can bid to compete with others to win over the job.

While all the above freelance sites help you make money, few keyboard apps help you in executing a regional freelance job and build a strong relationship with your regional clients by connecting to them in their mother tongue. 

For instance, you fetch yourself a Marathi Content Writing Job, you look for a Marathi keyboard to type and that’s where the Marathi Keyboard with Marathi Stickers comes in; this app is a must-have for you as it will take your English to Marathi or Marathi typing experience to a whole new different level.

Finally, it’s time for you to act. Go ahead; try any of these sites to land on to your first job. With a little hard work and a lot of smart work, make your dream of earning online a reality. Download Marathi Keyboard App Click here!

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