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Top 9 Tips to Write Perfect Answers in CBSE Board Exams 2021

CBSE exams are one of the toughest exams in India for school students. CBSE is a board of education that forms the basis for all the entrance examinations that are conducted in India. This is why it is considered to be one of the best boards to study in.

The CBSE exams are based on the NCERT syllabus and all the books prescribed in CBSE are from this syllabus. Around the time of exams, there is a lot of pressure on students for performance but with exam preparation app, one on one tuitions and group study modules, many children are finding it easier to face these exams and more confidently.

With the Covid Pandemic in place, there is much more pressure on students because of the lack of offline classes and the individual attention each student gets around the time of exams from the school.

This gap needed to be filled and thankfully, technology has stepped in to overcome these challenges. There are many innovative methods now available to make writing exams more easier with exam preparation app modules, practice test apps, virtual classroom apps and virtual group study halls.

The 2021 CBSE exams have been the toughest period yet because of the consecutive lack of classes in schools in the offline mode due to the Covid era. Students feel a lot more pressure and therefore need some extra motivation and tips to write good answers for their exams this year.

Below are some of the tips to write perfect answers in CBSE Exams in 2021:

1. Practice writing Answers

The best tip to write perfect answers is to practice writing answers every day. Use a model question paper and take self examinations to evaluate your writing speed, format and way of presentation.

2. Use Model Papers and Answer Sheets

Model question papers are a very good means to practice for CBSE boards and the answer sheets attached can give students a representation of the expectations on how to write the answers. Try to follow suit for nailing the answers.

3. Use Past Years Question Papers

Last 5 years of question papers have always served as the basis for all upcoming examinations. Even though the questions may not be repeated, the format of the paper can help you refine your skills and plan how to go about the question paper.

4. Use the Additional Reading Time

The 15 minutes that is given additionally is an excellent time to plan your answers and how one can go about the paper. Reserve all the questions for which answers are surely known in the first half and then go about writing the rest of the questions.

5. Evaluate your Answering Pattern

Make sure the answering pattern is how the classes and model question papers were practiced. Stick to a format and maintain the format throughout.

6. Make answers Precise and Crisp

Most students try to beat around the bush when they do not know the answers and tend to write long irrelevant answers, therefore, stick to writing precise points and keep answers crisp. This shows the confidence and know-how of the students.

7. Avoid Decorations

Decorations are an unnecessary waste of time and try to avoid these unwanted tricks.

8. Bullets and Sub Headings

Stick to heading, subheadings, and bullet-point format. This makes correction easier and the examiner can easily cross-check facts. It also enhances scoring.

9. Attempt all Questions

Last but not the least, always answer all questions even if you are unsure. Read the question several times and try to come up with the best answer.

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