Top 9 Wearable Applications That Everyone Needs

Wearables are continually evolving every year, with new manufacturers building wonderful wearable devices and apps. Moreover, people from all over the world, especially the youngsters and people who love gadgets have openly accepted a vast number of wearables.

Initially, the wearable market started getting attention during the launch of wearable 2.0 in 2017. However, it became successful because of a wide number of wear OS apps being released in the market.

Further, in 2018, Android OS was modified with the Wear OS. It is also known as Google’s smartwatch platform, supporting watches from a wide range of makers.

With time, wearable app development has been growing quickly with various popular tech-giants developing apps for wearable devices.

Out of various wearables, smartwatches have become highly popular among all age groups. Different smartwatches have built-in apps. However, the third-party Wear OS apps hold an equal part in the success of the smartphones.

These smartwatches can help you track your fitness and help you keep your entire day organized.

Here, in this blog, if you own a smartwatch, then we will provide you with the list of Android wear apps that you must install in your smartwatch.

Top 9 wearable applications that everyone needs

1. Calm

Deep sleep and meditation are really important for innovative people. As the name suggests, the app’s main aim is to make users feel relaxed, refreshed, and energetic.

The calm app offers medication lessons to all the users with a daily meditation routine. The app functions in the same way, just like the “breathe” app for Apple watches. To access this functionality on your watch, you have to become a subscriber.

Key Highlights

  • Enable users to go through with a calm meditation with appropriate sounds and pictures
  • Helps to decrease tension and anxiety
  • Built-in breathing exercises
  • Monitor your daily progress

2. LifeSum

Keeping a food diary is difficult for the majority of people due to their busy work schedules. Even if they start, soon they find the task time consuming, and the majority of people find it challenging.

LifeSum app for smartwatch works as a savior. It’s a basic version of the full-fledged phone app, allowing you to enter food intake before or after eating it.

Every essential detail of food is available in the app. You don’t require to go through the entire menu of every brand and piece of food in the supermarket.

There are a vast number of options for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. Also, for every meal, you get three options, small, medium & large, which you have to compare with the total amount of calories consumed.

Key Highlights

  • Customized diet plans as well as diet tips to achieve any of your goals
  • Food tracker along with the barcode scanner for quick logging
  • Food planner which provides tasty recipes for every plan
  • The macro calculator provides details about macro, nutrition & calories

3. Google Keep

Google Keep has become one of the most used Android wear OS because of its reputation among Android users. It is the most fantastic note-taking app for users who love to take notes on their smartwatches. Due to it’s synchronization feature, you can access notes from any device.

Key Highlights

  • Allows you to add a partner so that you can do things together
  • Instantly create & access notes and set reminders as per your need
  • Great dictation feature to record your thoughts
  • Utilize ‘OK Google’ feature from your watch to access voice commands to take notes quickly

4. Parking

Parking is a beautiful Android wear app that frees you from any of the issues of car parking.

You don’t have to waste your time in finding the right parking spot for your car. The app detects a suitable parking lot, and then you can tap on the car button to store the vehicle’s location. The app will display the exact location of your car using Google Maps.

Key Highlights

  • Quick & Instant identification about the location of your car
  • In-built features to help you remember the car location
  • One-tap parking reminder with an integrated map
  • Check parking history
  • Various navigations for instant car parking

5. TodoList

With the help of the ToDoList app, you can instantly check off the completed list of things. TodoList app is one of the most simple apps that you can access on your smartwatch.

Key Highlights

  • Add and manage all of your tasks instantly
  • Reminders and due dates remind you about essential tasks
  • Prioritize tasks via the priority level
  • Collaborate with other people to work on a project simultaneously
  • Integrate different tools like Alexa, Gmail, Slack, etc.

6. Accuweather

There is very little possibility that you don’t know about Accuweather, one of the leading weather forecasting apps.

When you download this app, it will have two parts. The first part contains a watch face with three customizable slots, while the second part is the fully-fledged app.

You can check real-time weather updates of any location. Also, you can check hourly weather updates.

Key Highlights

  • Accurate weather forecasts are represented in the best possible manner
  • Provide access to alerts/warnings to protect you from any natural calamity
  • Obtain today’s in-depth temperature information
  • Get real-time weather forecasts anywhere & anytime
  • Get live weather updates every minute

7. Bring

Various people find it challenging to remember the grocery list. Besides this, some people don’t like to take out their smartphones to verify the grocery list. Particularly, when your hands are occupied with items.

A Wearable app development firm has resolved this issue by developing a wearable app known as Bring. It allows you to create a shopping list instantly.

Bring app allows you to create a list of items you want to purchase by using its rich library.

Key Highlights

  • Make a shopping list instantly from the wearable
  • Enables you to gather details of loyalty cards
  • Gives you the freedom to share a shopping list with your friends & family members
  • Simple yet effective icons
  • It enables you to add items with the help of voice transcription feature present on your wearable device

8. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music-streaming platforms across the world. It’s a beautiful thing to listen to your favorite tracks seamlessly and that too, without carrying your smartphone.

Using the Spotify wearable app, you can listen to music on-the-go. Moreover, it allows you to change songs, go through the libraries, and control volume instantly.

Key Highlights

  • Spotify for your smartwatch enables you to look out for songs, artists, and albums
  • Listen to your music & podcasts and watch videos anywhere.
  • Enables you to create a playlist
  • Share music instantly with the friends
  • Shuffle mode plays songs & albums of various artists as per your interest

9. Google Pay

Who hasn’t heard of Google Pay, one of the most popular applications available for wearables?

You can instantly keep your watch near the terminal and pay for your ticket, drink, or anything that you want to purchase without any need to carry out your wallet, purse, or smartphone. If your smartwatch has support for NFC, you can instantly set up and start paying at various places via Google Pay.

Key Highlights

  • Pay utility bills and do recharges
  • Get instant rewards
  • Send/receive money using the audio
  • Advanced encryption and different layers for security
  • No Additional charges


Here we conclude our list of some of the most popular Android wear apps that everyone needs. Apart from this, there are various other apps available in the market which you find suitable for your daily and weekly needs.

If you possess a unique wearable app idea and want to convert it into reality, then you can reach out to professional wearable app developers. They will become your IT partner and build the perfect wearable app as per your business goals and objectives.

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