Top Basmati Rice Exporters in 2023 – 2024

India is well-known for its tasty Basmati rice. This is why India has established its reputation as a reliable exporter of this highly sought-after grain around the world.

With a rich and varied agricultural heritage and a commitment to excellence, India boasts several basmati rice exporters who provide outstanding quality to the global market. We’ll examine the ever-changing world in the export of basmati rice to India and shed details on the most famous names, their importance, key aspects, and concerns.

The Significance of Basmati Rice in India

Basmati rice is an absolute star in Indian traditional food and culture. It is famous for its distinct scent, soft texture, and round, slim grains. Basmati rice has become the primary food item for most Indian households. It is utilized to make various delicious meals. This particular kind of grain plays a crucial role in various Indian celebrations, bringing distinct aroma and taste to celebratory meals. The main thing to note is that its appeal is not limited to India and makes the grain a highly sought-after product on the global market.

List of Top 10 Basmati Rice Exporters in India 2024

The most reliable list of Basmati rice importers and exporters in India Here is the most reliable list:

  • Vi Exports

Vi Exportsis one of the most known names in the trade of basmati rice. The company was established in 1907. They are known for navigating the complicated world of trade regulations, such as certifications, logistics, rules, and certifications to export this valuable grain to different regions effectively. With their vast knowledge and experience, they can predict the growing demand and meet the promises of premium basmati rice. They are renowned for their wide variety of basmati rice, which is 100% authentic and delicious.

  • Shri Lal Mahal Group

One of the largest basmati rice exporters, Shri Lal Mahal, was established in 1907 and became a massive global conglomerate based in India. They play an essential part in the export sector by facilitating trade and preserving the history of basmati rice. They delight the palates of people who love rice and also keep the flavour and authentic taste that the grain has.

  • SM Oversea INC

SM Oversea INC is fully committed to sustainable agriculture and environmentally responsible practices. In addition, they employ the most advanced technology to improve efficiency and decrease their carbon footprint.

  • Ajy Global Trade

Ajy Global Trade is a popular name in the Indian market for basmati exports. They are well-known for their high-end basmati rice grown in vast green fields. With the most modern technology in processing and extensive distribution networks, they have earned credibility and the trust of satisfied customers worldwide.

  • Veer Overseas Ltd

Veer Overseas Ltd. is one of India’s leading rice basmati manufacturers. Since its inception in 1970, the company has pioneered in offering high-quality basmati grain to international or domestic buyers.


  • Chaman Lal Setia Exports Ltd

Chaman Lal Setia Exports. Ltd.’s famed ‘Maharani’ rice brand is one of the most dedicated basmati rice companies. It was established in 1974 in Punjab, India; they are renowned for its integrity and ethical business practices. They became the biggest manufacturer-exporter of basmati rice because of managing the high global demand.

  • Vir Rice Mills

Vir Rice Mills, one of the most famous basmati rice producers and exporters, has dramatically assisted India in increasing its trade with the world. The company is known for its easy access to global markets by providing the highest quality basmati rice.

  • Meer Overseas Export

Meer Overseas Export is a well-known brand worldwide of export. It is known for its broad variety of rice-based products like basmati and non-basmati rice. There are a myriad of options for their customers, which is why they can meet their diverse needs.

  • Naya Export

Naya Export is committed to providing basmati rice at a reasonable cost without sacrificing authenticity or quality. The prices are affordable and suitable for those who are looking to buy brands that are priced lower.

  • Rohit Exports

It was founded in 2018. Rohit Exports is the sole owner-operated firm and is the most respected wholesaler and exporter of top-quality basmati rice. They have a vast customer base of rice exporters in the marketplace due to their premium medium-grain and long-grain basmati rice. The company can export Basmati rice to Malaysia, Dubai, and Singapore.

How to Identify Reliable Basmati Rice Exporters?

A reputable and reliable rice exporter can ensure the smoothest import process. There are a few essential factors to be considered when looking at basmati rice exporters from India:

Score:Check the industry importance of the exporter by looking up reviews online or reading testimonials. Make sure you read reviews posted by former customers or buyers.

CertificationsVerify that the exporting company has the proper credentials for the export, like HACCP, ISO, or organic certification, to show evidence of their commitment to the highest quality.

Experience:Take the exporter’s expertise and knowledge into consideration. Examine their track performance on markets worldwide for rice exports.

Infrastructure:Check for your infrastructure with the exporter. It includes processing facility capacity sto, rage capacities, and logistics capabilities.

Customer Customer Support:Evaluate the export’s customer support and the amount of time they spend responding to your questions.

Challenges Faced by Rice Companies in India

While rice exports to India are hugely profitable in the business world, there is room to improve. Changes in weather patterns can affect the yield of rice or even increase production and alter supply chains.

The main thing to note is that the international basmati rice market has become competitive due to many companies seeking ways to expand part of the market. This leads to companies operating at their highest levels and enhancing their effectiveness.

However, the price of basmati rice is determined by numerous factors, including how government officials function, the demands of the global market, and the amount of basmati rice produced in general. High-quality basmati rice is generally worth the price as it gives a fantastic dining experience.


Overall, the basmati exporters in India have played a role in establishing the country’s status as the world’s top rice exporters. Through their continuous commitment to quality, authenticity, and satisfaction of customers, exporters have aided in promoting the unique flavour of basmati rice and its scents worldwide.

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