Top Greek Dishes to fill your Appetite during the Greece Trip

Greek foods have a major influence throughout Europe and other continents. The blend of traditional and modern cuisine, Greek food is a must-try for every foodie. Fresh vegetables, seafood, and other lip-smacking dishes make it to the exceptional menu. What makes Greece a true beauty is not just its medieval architecture or happening night outs, but gastronomical delights that act as the blend for your perfect trip. If you are visiting Greece for the first time, then you shouldn’t miss enjoying different delicacies.

Considering the fact that Greek Farmers grow Olives for thousands of years, you will find the best olives here in Greece.

Coming back to the menu, we now list down the top Greek foods you shouldn’t miss to gulp in while you are on the trip:


Souvlaki | Source – Pixabay

Visiting Greece and not tasting the favourite dish called Souvlaki will be an incomplete trip. You will find this readily available dish at the sidewalk stalls and restaurants throughout Greece. It is counted under the ‘meat-on-a-stick’ snack food in Athens, Rhodes, Mykonos, and others. Different restaurants experiment by an add-on to this dish making it more unique and delicious.


Saganaki | Source: Google

The name of this dish comes after a small-two-handled frying pan, and is the most delicious and widely ordered in Greece restaurants. Different restaurants add different flavours including feta, halloumi, and graviera. Furthermore, this dish looks more engrossing when you get add-ons like tomato, shrimp, and mussels. Cheese is the most important ingredient you will find in this dish, and you can eat it plain. The best way to enjoy this dish is by sprinkling lemon over it.


Baklava | Source: pixabay

Baklava was invented by the Assyrian, but it has got major followers in Greece, Turkey, and Romania. Greeks, over the years, have perfected the process of preparing this Baklava in the form of sweet, drenched, and layered dessert. There are over 33 layers including nuts, cinnamon, and dough, chefs also add honey and syrup. One cannot resist when the dish is on the plate.


Horiatiki | Source: Google

It doesn’t matter what you think about the Greek salad back home, but when you are in Greece, you just cannot miss gulping Horiatiki. This Greek salad is a mix of rustic salads featuring tomato, cucumber, onion, and feta cheese. In many countries, salads fall under the diet to lose weight, but in Greece, this is not the case. Here, you can enjoy this colourful salad added with ripe tomatoes, slabs of briny feta. If you are living in an apartment as a part of your accommodation, you can prepare this dish by getting some essential ingredients from the Greek market.


Moussaka | Source: Google

One of the popular Greek dishes, Moussaka is served hot out of the oven giving comforting and filling. Chefs, when preparing this dish add layers of sauteed eggplant and minced meat, including the layer of bechamel. You can find this dish in different eateries added with different flavours.


Loukoumades | Source: google

These round looking balls are fried dough flavored with cinnamon and honey. In many restaurants, you will find this dish having sprinkled powdered sugar for extra sweetness. You can find Loukoumades at the local bakery Krivos where you will find it in different options or flavours.


Dolmades | Source: Google

Dolmades in Greece are available in variations according to the region. Classic vine leaf parcels or vegetables mixed, you will have Dolmades in different options to choose. The usual dish comes with minced meat with long-grain rice and versions boast rice flavoured. The heady combination of herbs and pine nuts makes this dish worth trying.


Bougatsa | Source: Google

This sweet pie is made up of Phyllo pastry & semolina custard, and should be consumed in the morning time. If you are with your friends on the Greece trip, then it is best to order and make memories. Bougatsa is also available on the streetside food court added with powder sugar and cinnamon on the top.

Grilled Octopus

Grilled Octopus
Grilled Octopus | Source: pixabay

If you are a seafood lover, and want to try something unique in Greece, then don’t miss this Grilled Octopus available in different variations. You will majorly find this dish at the upscale restaurants at a high price. It is served on a “sea to table” basis, making it the most unique dish to consume.

Cheese Pie

Cheese Pie
Cheese Pie | Source: Pixabay

One of the most favorite Greek dishes, Cheese Pie is best eaten just out of the oven. Greek chefs use phyllo dough that makes the pie flaky crust and stuff the layer shell having a feta-based filling. Cheese Pie is a breakfast dish, but you can have it whenever you want it. No matter what restaurant you are in or at the street food stall, you will find cheese pie on the menu.

Besides the above-mentioned dishes, Greece offers some more delicious dishes which you cannot miss to taste. Plan your Greece trip by listing down the food you want to try. Check out PickYourTrails to customize among the available Greece tour packages that fit your budget and needs.

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