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Top Six DIY Tips to Make Your Favourite Furniture Last Longer

We give great importance to our interior furniture and have a constant drive to decorate our house with the best available options. Be it new furniture pieces by the latest furniture manufacturers in Pune or other areas; your furniture tells a lot about your styles and interests.

Furniture tends to degrade over time due to different reasons, and the renovation costs usually go higher. It would help if you properly take care of your furniture to increase its longevity. We have listed below a few easy and proven DIY tips and tricks to make your favorite furniture last longer.

Mend loose screws and bolts

There are countless instances where we have witnessed chairs, beds, or wardrobes become shaky and unstable. Many furniture items even tend to have troublesome creaky sounds. It becomes much more awkward when you have guests and visitors over at your house.

To deal with such scenarios, look out for screws and bolts that might have loosened up over time. It is vital to check regularly at an interval of at least six months.

Opt for professional furniture manufacturers in Pune or where you live to get those screws and bolts tightened beforehand. Likewise, you can also tighten up the screws yourself as it won’t take much time.

Have regular polish sessions

Most people tend to discard their furniture as it ages. Well, that is indeed the wrong approach. Sometimes, your furniture needs are just a good polishing session, and it will be shining just as new as ever. Regular polish sessions can effectively help your furniture last much longer. However, there are certain crucial aspects you should consider before polishing your furniture.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or ingredients like ammonia. A mild abrasive component will do a decent job. You can also refer to your nearby furniture experts for better insight regarding the type of polishes that will suit your furniture. It will enhance your furniture pieces’ quality and save you from investing in newer expensive furniture frequently.

Invest in slipcovers

Stubborn stains and spills are widespread, especially if you have kids around in your house. Such stains are quite a pain to remove. Even though there are many different stain removal techniques and DIYs, the smart move is to prevent such stains.

Invest in good quality slipcovers and upholstery that will ensure that your furniture pieces are not stained, clean, and tidy. It will act as a safety barrier for your furniture. You can remove those slipcovers, wash them, and put them back in, and it’s quick to perform. You will easily find these slipcovers at any home & office Furniture Manufacturers in Pune and another city.

Prevent wet and dry damage

Most people prefer modular interiors like modular kitchens, wardrobes, and more, and wood is one of the main components used in building these pieces. In this scenario, it becomes inevitable to take care of the furniture from moisture.

Excessive moisture leads to swollen wooden furniture, whereas lack of humidity can lead to severe cracks. One of the most effective tips that leading kitchen manufacturers and other cities recommend is to keep the furniture in a balanced environment. Avoid excessive dampness or heated areas like air vents and air conditioning units. It significantly helps in preventing any wet or dry damage to furniture.

Gently relocate

If you are considering relocating to a newer place, be gentle with your furniture. Most of the furniture hazards happen when people move from one place to the other or shift furniture pieces to their office workspace. It usually occurs due to improper handling and not taking adequate safety measures. It is highly recommended to opt for good residential moving services or furniture moving services to help you shift your furniture carefully.

Even if you are moving your furniture within your house, avoid dragging or pulling your furniture pieces since it can damage the furniture and your floorings. The better approach is to lift with some external help from your family members, and you are good to go.

Dusting is important

Regular dusting and cleaning are very underrated and basic but an excellent tip to keep your home decor last longer. Most decor items tend to lose their charm due to the gradual accumulation of dust. Use a softer cloth, and do not drag harshly on your furniture pieces. Dust your furniture pieces at least twice a week for the best results. So, when you buy home furniture in Pune or where you live, ensure you are doing regular dusting to keep the furniture as new as day one.

Follow these easy DIY tips to keep your favorite furniture last longer and glam up your place like a pro. Whether you buy a new modular TV unit, chest of drawers, or modular wardrobe in Pune or another city, follow these quick ways to improve the furniture longevity.

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