Looking To Travel Alone Make Sure Your Bike Is Ready Too

If you love to travel by bike, you are gonna love this article.

I have done two trips with bike in India. One with friends and one alone, and in both trips I came to realize there are few accessories that our bike needs.

Let me first tell you where all I had traveled before just to clarify to make I’m not bluffing.

The two places that I had traveled before was one to Goa and one to Hampi. Both places I have traveled by bike only.

Both rides were more than amazing but there are certain things I wished I had carried. I’ll share what things I’m talking about in the latter part.

In the first part, I’ll talk about the accessories that your bike needs both the physical and mechanical changes.

Trust me, adding these changes will make your ride most comfortable.

The physical accessories that your bike needs are:

  • Alternator Guard
  • Engine Bash Plate
  • Engine Crash Guard
  • Fairing Crash Guards
  • Front Brake Reservoir Cover
  • Headlight Grill
  • Handlebar Raisers
  • Kick Stand Foot Extension
  • Luggage Tail Rack
  • Mirror Extenders
  • Pillion Foot Rest
  • Radiator Guard
  • Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard
  • Rear Brake Reservoir Cover
  • Saddle Stay
  • Wind Shield

There may be somethings which might not be required from the above list but adding at least most of them to your bike can make your travel worthwhile.

Short rides are something which is in city limits whereas long rides are something which is beyond the city limits. Many of us love to ride alone on long highways if I’m not wrong.

For all those people who all are looking to travel alone on long rides for them, we are sharing a few tips in order to make sure your bike is ready too for the long ride.

Whenever we plan a solo ride its always good to follow the below tips to avoid hurdles while riding.

First of all, you should always choose a comfortable bike for long rides. The comfortable ride gives you complete satisfaction of a long ride without any back pains, and you can enjoy the locations while riding.

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Make Sure Your Bike Is Ready

Not only you but your bike should also be ready for hitting the road for long rides. This means that the bike should be in good condition with good maintenance. Whenever you plan for long rides, most of the riders suggest taking the bike for quick service.

Servicing the bike helps in adjusting things and if any minor repairs required those will be solved. Engine oil, Brake pads, Gearbox, Accelerate wire, clutch wire, disc, chain spray are the few things that we need to be considered before taking the bike for long rides.

The gearbox is the major part of the bike that helps us in shifting gears which should be smooth. So make sure there should not be any kind of issue with that gearbox. Make sure your bike engine handles the long rides as the engine gets heated whenever we travel for a long time. Always give rest to your bike while riding long that way you can avoid damages to the engine.

Make sure the fuel tank is full. As no one wants to take a break or halt before starting the journey. A tool kit is a must and should in that way we can repair any minor things from our end without waiting or searching for a mechanic.

Tire inspection is another major task that needs to be taken care of. If you feel that the tires were not good enough it is always good to change. Bike hold weights when we travel long distances so make sure the suspensions are good enough and also brake oil and chain sprays that will help you to lube the bike chain sprockets.

A 10 min bike inspection is always advisable before starting a journey. Make sure that everything is good and perfect. Headlamps, signal indicators, console everything is working well or not need to be checked before starting the journey. It is not advisable to take any kind of chance or ignorance on the bike condition. It’s not just about the bike it’s about our lives. Ride Safe.

Conclusion: I know we all are planning to go on a quick ride after this Lockdown. A few are planning for short and some are for long rides, but we all want to travel. So, our advice will be once things are normal, take your bike and go no plans just go. Travel long and make sure to equip your bike with all the accessories we have shared above.

Hey, one more thing, don’t forget to share your experience after returning. We are waiting for your awesome ride. 

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