Travel to Australia: Some of the most beautiful places to Visit

Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere. So the seasons are reversed compared to ours and there are substantial differences between the north and the south of the country. In the north tropical climate reserves the possibility of showers and cyclones between February and March. The south instead enjoys a temperate climate from December to March the royal warmth of the temperate. European locations is good to understand which areas of Australia are intends to visit so as not to find himself in the midst of sudden tropical rains, without the right clothing. On average, the best season to visit Australia is spring when the climate is not excessively hot and the spectacle of nature offers its best “performances”.

Once in Australia, among the places of interest not to be missed there is certainly Sidney, the largest and most famous city in the country, a sparkling metropolis set in an incredibly suggestive bay, start your visit from Circular Quay, the “nerve center” of the city.

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Opera House:

Walk to the Opera House, one of the places of interest in Sydney and the whole of Australia, enjoy the tranquility of the Royal Botanic Gardens an oasis of about 30 hectares where you can take a nice walk that you can continue along the bay to get to Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, one of the city’s vantage points.

Take a look at the oldest library in the country the New Wales State Library and continuing along Macquarie Street admire Parliament House and St. Mary Cathedral. Once you have visited the cathedral, treat yourself to a nice walk in the company of the possums in Hyde Park. Specially in the evening, enjoy running from branch to branch of the beautiful trees that frame the avenues.

Elegant City of Adelaide:

Another place of interest in Australia is the elegant city of Adelaide. Take a stroll to the Central Market where you will find products from South Australia in abundance, just enough to make your mouth water, admire Port Adelaide and the beautiful buildings of the 19th century.

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Visit the Maritime Museum on Lipson Street:

Take a tour of the most elegant avenue the North Terrace where you can see the Parliament, the Adelaide Casino and the Art Gallery of South Australian and the South Australian Museum. Take a few hours by the sea to enjoy the beautiful beach of Gleneg or Henley and Grange, along the promenade you can find fish’n’chips kiosks for a snack before relaxing in the sun.

Nambung National Park:

If you are looking for an indelible memory of Australia, go to Cervantes to reach the Nambung National Park and see the Pinnacles, these are limestone rock formations of various shapes and heights created by underground rocks, plants, and agents atmospheric, the Pinnacles desert is among the most visited places of interest in Australia, if you manage to organize your excursion in time to enjoy the sunset, an incomparable spectacle will await you, the sand and rocks seem to absorb the sunlight by the coloring of incredible shades.

Shark Bay:

Among the other places of interest in Australia to stay in close contact with nature we recommend Shark Bay declared a World Heritage Site, you will enjoy wonderful beaches and if you arrive between September and October.

You can enjoy the bay decorated with wildflowers of the desert. the protected area of ​​Monkey mia will allow you to meet the dolphins and even followed by the rangers you can go for a swim with these splendid mammals.

Also north of Shark Bay, you can reach Coral Bay where diving and snorkeling will be a dream, in the pristine Ningaloo Reef you will admire tropical fish, rays, dolphins, colorful corals, and even the whale shark.

Town of Alice Springs:

Another place of interest in Australia that particularly concerns the Aboriginal population the town of Alice Springs, surrounded by rocky mountains, in the center of the Australian continent has about 2,400 inhabitants.

Most of whom are Aboriginal, who through the numerous art ateliers present in the area offer tourists the best products of the art of the population, in particular paintings and wind instruments such as the didgeridoo.

From Alice Springs you can then go to the place of interest of Australia par excellence, Ayers Rock, symbol of the country, inside the Uluru Kata Tyuta National park you can see the largest monolith on earth that changes color depending on the light and of time, considered a sacred place for the aborigines.

It deserves to be seen to witness the unparalleled spectacle of colors ranging from red to purple that color the rocky conformation as if it had been painted by a skilled painter.

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