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Unlock Your Stiff Neck: 4 Helpful Exercises

Find Out How to Get Rid of Neck Pain and Stiffness!

If there is someone among you, who never felt neck pain, we can say they won a jackpot! A stiff neck is a widespread problem of our time, and later probably even more because we are spending a lot of time sitting in a bad position in front of the computer.

What does that have to do with a stiff neck? Well, as you might already know, the neck is made of different ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones. They are all designed to work together so that head is well supported and enabled to move in different directions. However, if too much strain is put on muscles in the neck, as when we are doing something on the computer, the neck becomes stiff and painful. Tension and pain in the neck are very frustrating since our movements become limited but are often harmless! Stiffness usually lasts several days, but it can extend to weeks and disturb your daily activities.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way! People who are practicing sports recreationally and professionally, for example, use sports equipment to avoid injury and improve the efficiency of their workout. Besides that, there are several exercises you can do by yourself at home to get rid of a stiff neck.

What Causes Stiff Neck

As mentioned, a stiff neck is one of the most common stiff neck causes is muscle strain. This often happens because we are sitting in a bad position for too long in front of the computer or TV, or because we are not using the right pillow as well asother reasons. Some other causes include:

Whiplash is more serious because it occurs as a result of a car accident. It is an injury to ligaments, bones, tendons, or muscles.

Arthritis is another cause of neck pain, and it is often suspected when it gets better when you lie down.

The most severe and, at the same time, a rare cause of stiff neck is meningitis. This is the inflammation of meninges that have a role in protecting the central nervous system. It is essential to know that a stiff neck is far from being the only symptom of meningitis. It includes fever with headache, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light, etc. So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms and a stiff neck, it is better to contact your healthcare provider.

Exercises to Get Rid of Stiff Neck

But, as muscle strain is the most probable reason for your problem, we will suggest some stiff neck exercises that will help you get rid of it quickly. Keep in mind that although they are all effective, it doesn’t mean each of them will be in your case. If you feel that pain is increasing while you, during some of these exercises, immediately stop.

Neck Extension

To get rid of stiff neck symptoms with this exercise, you need to look upward and extend your neck as much as possible. Beware that your shoulders and back shouldn’t move while you are stretching the neck. Once you reach the maximum of extension without experiencing any pain or discomfort, try to stay in this position for about 5 seconds. During this type of exercise, you will mainly feel your neck extending along the throat.

Shrugs and Shoulder Rolls

It is known that moving shoulders greatly reduces pain and stiffness in the neck. It can also help with headaches caused by strained muscles in the neck. This is a short but quite effective exercise that you can effortlessly do even more than once per day if necessary.

Start by moving the shoulders up and down as you would do when shrugging for about 30 seconds.

Make a break

Then roll them up in the direction of ears, then down and back

Do it repeatedly for 30 seconds and change the direction

Forward Tilt

Forward tilt is another one of excellent stretch for a stiff neck. You can do it standing or sitting on the chair if you find it more accessible. Whether you are sitting or standing, move the chin downwards in the direction of the neck. You will feel the back of your neck stretching. Then move your head upwards, looking at the ceiling. Repeat the entire process five to ten times.

Turning Side to Side

Keep your shoulders and back in a neutral position while moving the head slowly to one side as far as it can go. Remember that you need to stop if you start experiencing any pain. When you reach the limit, try to stay in that position for 5 seconds. Then return to the original position and, from there, move in another direction. You can do this as many times as you feel comfortable.


As we mentioned, a lot of people worldwide are bothered by a stiff neck. However, the good news is that mastering these simple exercises will put an end to your suffering. Are there some exercises that you find helpful that we forgot to mention? Tell us in the comment section below!

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