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4 Ways To Upload Photos And Videos To Instagram Via Computer

Wondering if it is possible to share on Instagram via your desktop or laptop? Yes, it is possible to share on Instagram via Mac and PC.

Instagram is a highly popular mobile application designed to share photos and videos quickly, even on the go. However, it is not possible to share via website on the computer. If you want to share on Instagram, you have to use the mobile application itself.

The recent Instagram trend has started to shift towards more professionally edited and prepared content. This type of content is usually done with the professional-level photo or video editing applications designed for the computer. As the trend is like this, many third-party developers have started to add Instagram to their social media management applications over time. As a result, thanks to these applications, you have the chance to share videos or photos on Instagram using your personal computer.

Unfortunately, the number of applications that allow sharing on Instagram via computer is unfortunately because Instagram does not allow sharing via its API. But we researched the best among the few tools for Social Captain readers and compiled for you the 4 best services that offer the possibility to add videos and photos to Instagram from your personal computer.

Here are 4 services that help you share on Instagram via your personal computer:

1. Gramblr

Gramblr is most likely the most popular among third-party services that allow you to share both videos and photos on Instagram over the web. To use Gramblr service, you need to install it on your computer. Gramblr is an application that is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating computers.

After installing the application on your computer, all you need to do is to log in with your Instagram account, upload the photo you want to share, add a caption and then click the publish button. Gramblr is one of the simplest and easiest ways to share photos on Instagram via a personal computer. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot make any advanced photo editing via Gramblr application. But keep in mind that there is a service for your photos and videos with basic functions like cropping, shaping, and adding filters.

2. Later

Is it important for you to have a calendar application that offers the function of timing the content you want to be published on a certain day and time? Then we recommend you to try Later. With its simple interface, Later can be the program you are looking for, thanks to its convenient tagging functions to set up calendars, share in groups, and organize all your media content regularly. Even the best features include being completely free to use and compatible with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as Instagram.

Thanks to the free membership, you have the possibility to schedule up to 30 content per month for Instagram. Unfortunately, scheduling video content is not included in the free membership program. To schedule video content and have up to 100 content timing functions per month, you need to switch to Plus membership for $ 9 per month.

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a very advanced and high-quality social media management service designed for brands and corporate companies that need to manage their Instagram and Facebook profiles more effectively. In short, the timing function you want to share on Instagram is not offered for free on Iconosquare. In addition to Iconosquare’s content timing functionality, you need to pay a monthly fee of $ 9 to have analysis, comment tracking, and much more.

Thanks to the Iconosquare tool, you can advance time from the calendar for weeks or even months and view all the content you have scheduled to share within this time frame. All you have to do is select a day and time on the calendar. Or, to produce new content alternatively, click the New Post button above and load the media you want. If you prefer with the caption in the next step, you can schedule the content you have prepared after adding the emojis and finally the hashtags.

You have the chance to crop your photos with Iconosquare, but we also need to share the knowledge that this application does not have advanced photo editing features and functions such as adding filters.

4. Schedugram

As with Iconosquare, the main focus of Schedugram is to create a content calendar. It is a service that appeals to brands and institutions that have to manage and Buy Followers a large number of and content management, thanks to its functionality for many Instagram as well as its content timing. Schedugram is not free to use, but it has a 7-day trial. If you want to continue using Shedugram after the 7-day trial period, you need to purchase one of the $ 20 monthly or annual $ 200 membership packages.

Thanks to the Schedugram, you can publish your photos and videos on Instagram via your personal computer or you can adjust the time to be published at a later date and time. It also allows you to do all these functions without the need for a mobile application. Although you do not need a mobile application to use, we would like to state that Schedugram has applications specific to both iOS and Android devices. Unlike other services mentioned above, Schedugram; It also offers useful functions such as cropping, adding filters, turning the direction of the photo, and adding text before you schedule.

So are you sharing your Instagram content on mobile or on the web? If you share content through your PC, which service do you use? If there is another application that you want to recommend but not mentioned in this article, definitely share it with us. Social Captain wishes everyone good Instagram.

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