Using Design Trends From 2021 In The Restaurant Industry

COVID-19 has brought upon a significant change in the way the entertainment and hospitality industry works. In a very short period hotels, restaurants, eateries, food trucks, and other dining establishments had to change their way of working, and this decision was taken in a hassle to continue their operation process. The dining experience for both the service providers and the customers has drastically changed to adapt to the current circumstances. With this new transformation, the restaurants are now bringing forward new designs to maintain the safety of the customers by maintaining the social distancing along with a better dining experience. Starting from the entrance still the eating area, everything is about creating a comfortable place for customers to have the best holistic dining experience. Hence, all the customers go here and enjoy all their favourite foods.

Interior design is one of the most important components of a restaurant. There are multiple dining design ideas and menu design ideas created by the Menu Design Company that are the new trends of the hospitality industry. With these ideas, restaurants can create an enjoyable environment while maintaining the safety of the customers.

Entertaining and safe environment

In 2020, the hospitality industry has taken a great lift from where it was before. Within a short period, they have taken decisions to combat the current situation while maintaining their businesses without compromising on customer experience.

Several restaurants have introduced new touchless entry doors that will lead to fewer chances of getting affected through surface touching. Therefore, all the customers can easily go here without any worry of getting affected. Some of them have introduced new outdoor dining options while maintaining considerable social distance. New contactless payment methods have been introduced by those restaurants that did not have it before. To avoid crowds, free deliveries and takeout options are brought in where the customers can easily choose their food items from the net created by the Menu Design Company.

Innovative dining experience

Many restaurants are now offering meal kits that can be easily delivered to the customers’ homes through free delivery service or takeout. The chefs have introduced new menus and different combo packs. Reusable menu cards are being replaced with disposable paper menus for single-use purposes. Some of them are also bringing forward QR menu cards or online menu cards created by the Menu Design Company that displays all the foods, beverages, specials, and happy hours service. If the restaurant is having any buffet system or any salad bar then staff must be present to serve the items to the guests. This will prevent contamination.

Designer floorings

Textured designs have taken over the interior designing industry a lot these days. For most restaurants, unique textured finishes with easy cleaning and maintenance material have become the first choice, when it comes to flooring. The luxury vinyl tile has taken over the industry for its unique designs with strong durability and sustainability. It is a type of modular vinyl flooring that is extremely easy to clean and sanitize. These floorings are scratch and water-resistant. The LVT if taken in wooden design will pair very well with patterned fabrics and dim orange lighting. A few unique artworks, wall hanging, or water features will add a natural and contemporary look to your restaurant. If you want to give a retro touch to the atmosphere then concrete-like LVT flooring with metal lighting is a good option. Along with the flooring, the walls should be given the same importance. Similar patterns given to the floors should be used while selecting the designs for the walls. This will create the perfect depth of space.

Colour Palette

In today’s trend, the colour palette for interior designing in restaurants and hotels is all about rich and warm tones. In this entertainment and hospitality, industry eateries are going for warmer hues enhancing the depth of space. Studies have shown that warmer colours increase people’s heart rate. This excitement ultimately acts as a tonic to amplify the hunger, making advantage for the restaurants. The warm palette consists of a wide range of colours in reds, yellows, and oranges. Some of them can be burnt orange, burnt sienna, golden yellows, burgundy reds, and others. All these colours go well with multiple decor pieces that have never-ending artistic combinations.

Food, flavour, and art

Restaurants are a place where people want to enjoy a delicious meal but according to some statistics, it is said that many people go here not only to have a delicious meal but also to gather and experience an enjoyable time together. Therefore, only concentrating on the food will not be so profitable if the owners are aiming to conquer the market.

It has become a trend to include the local touches to the interiors of the hospitality industry. Many restaurants hire local artists. Art pieces created by these local artists become an attractive showpiece for your restaurant. This benefits both the restaurant owner and the local artists. Every area has its own cultures in terms of singing, dancing, and other art forms. It will be a good decision to bring all these cultural events to one place at the restaurant to give the customers the best experience they want to have.


Therefore, if you are among those who are planning to start their restaurant or want to remodel their existing ones, then these few ideas are a good start for your designing plan. Creativity is the key to success in this industry and that goes for interior designing too. Therefore, based on the type of environment that you want to offer to your customers, choose the designs wisely and see your restaurant evolve for the better.


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