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Vitamin D Big Mistake with RDAs

Hi guys!

We want to try making this blog post because you may have seen this in the news where they’re bashing vitamin D now.

They’re saying you shouldn’t take too much it’s also toxic, and so vitamin D now is considered dangerous if you’re making more than 600 international units.

So I want to talk about where this is coming from not necessarily to educate you but to educate your friends and family that come up to you and say oh I saw this report or I saw this on the internet that vitamin D now is toxic and you shouldn’t be taking that.

So I just want to talk about where that came from, so there was an extensive study done over many years from the National Academy of Medicine formally called the Institute of Medicine.
And so at the end of this compilation of all the research, they made a significant error.

It was a huge error by a factor of 10x, so instead of the RDAs being 600 IU’s, it should have been eight thousand eight hundred and ninety-five.

Now an RDA is a nutrient intake considered to be sufficient to meet their requirements of ninety-seven point five percent of healthy people to prevent a deficiency.

When you talk about RDAs, there’s nothing to do with unhealthy people and the much higher demand than they need we’re talking about the majority of healthy people and what they would need to prevent a major deficiency.

They had two panels to evaluate this the first panel agreed with the air and said yes it was an error and it was off by 10x, but then the second panel said the airs identified would not affect the final recommendation.

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It remained unchanged. This was in 2017.
Basically, there’s data out there that is still recommending this 600 IUs. This is crazy because we have an actual legitimate vitamin D pandemic right now, with the majority of the population being very deficient in vitamin D.

That’s creating a lot of problems with the immune system with bone health with inflammation increased risk of autoimmune diseases.

So when you see things like this read who they’re sourcing the information from, where is it coming from is it outdated.

Then you can actually see the actual source of where it’s coming from and if it’s legitimate or not and I know that it’s just tough to fathom that the news could be not a hundred percent accurate a hundred percent of the time and that’s Dr.erec berg sarcasm for the day.

But vitamin D is incredibly vital not just to consume from your foods which is almost impossible to get from the foods but from the Sun but not only that so many people have absorption problems not having a gallbladder not having bile to absorb that fats I love vitamin they may have a damaged liver which also limits the amount of bile production they might have malabsorption because their gut is inflamed maybe.

They have a genetic variation called polymorphism where your genes are affecting the receptors for vitamin D. You don’t absorb them that well or maybe you have this chronic infection where the virus is downgrading the vitamin D, or maybe you have a weight problem in your obese where you would need three times the amount of vitamin D as someone that was not overweight.

Or let’s say you have more melanin in your skin is darker. You’re going to need more vitamin D from that like three times more.

Or let’s say your skin is aged. You’re over 60 or 70 you’re not going to absorb the vitamin D like you were when you’re 20 or if you’re using suntan lotion that’s going to block by the vitamin D right there the next time you see a study like that just be suspect and realize there’s just not a lot of money and promoting and using natural remedies.

Dr. Erec Berg is the source of our today blog post.

Some vitamin D Sources:

Beef liver, Foods with vitamin D, such as some soy milk, and cereals, dairy products, orange juice, egg yolks. If you want to read more about eggs and are eggs meat or dairy, can vegans eat eggs, I advise you to visit this article.
Fatty fish also, for example, salmon, mackerel, tuna, And Cheese.

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