TWS VYATTA Airboom PRO 2 New Legacy Awesome Bass Sound Effect & Anti Noise Cancellation

Hey bro, are there TWS earphones whose sound is unmatched and clear? Sometimes when I call a voice, I like a very noisy voice. So the message sent from a friend like it is not clear Calm down, there is Bro!!!

Read this blog post to the end, I’ll be back on my blogging post and this time I got another post of Best TWS Earbuds from Vyatta yak VYATTA Airboom PRO 2 New Legacy Okay, as usual, let’s just open the box, guys With a dominant red box on the front, and the words Airboom Pro 2 on the left.

Let’s Unboxing VYATTA Airboom PRO 2

Then the specification info behind the box writing new legacy on the left of the box and the word PRO is red at the bottom of the box when the box was first opened, the purchasing unit contained a manual book in Indonesian and English then of course the Best Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds unit than 4 additional ear tips in red and don’t forget.

The charger cable with a type c USB port okay, I’ll continue to discuss charging the case, guys with doff black dominant at the top there is a red VYATTA logo and the words AIrboom Pro By VYATTA at the bottom for the charging port.

It’s on the back and already uses a type c USB port and the cool thing is, if the battery runs out, if you charge it for 5 minutes this earphone can be used again for 80 minutes, it’s great, and if you charge until full.

TWS VYATTA Airboom PRO 2 Earbuds
TWS VYATTA Airboom PRO 2 Earbuds

Let’s Talk About Specifications and Features

This earphone can be used to play music for up to 8 hours of non-stop playtime there is a blue indicator light when the earphones are charging then on the inside of the charging case, it is more dominant in red I think the design is cool, simple and doesn’t seem cheap honestly, I really like the design the dimensions are also quite light and not too big so if you keep it in your pants or shirt pockets, it doesn’t really bother you then the unit TWS earphone guys, doff black, with a red Vyatta logo at the bottom of the earphones and the shape is very fitting for my ears usually.

Some of the earphones I’ve used when you first stick to the ear, you have to really fit the position so that it is comfortable and get maximum sound but for this earphone, when I use it, it’s really really comfortable original, I’m not overly don’t forget, you first open the seal on the earphones so they can be charged same as some other TWS earphones, there are words R and L on each earphone so when you use it it won’t knock the weight of each earphone is also light, only about 0.5 grams so it won’t feel heavy, when you use your ears to connect to your cellphone is also really easy.

Activate Bluetooth on HP wait a few seconds, open the charging case and the earphones will automatically connect to your cellphone okay then I’ll test the touch sensor guys the same as the previous version, Airboom Pro 2 is equipped with 14 touch sensors to increase the volume, just touch the right earphone and the volume will increase then vice versa, touch the left earphone, and the volume will decrease Tap once to play or pause, then double-tap the right earphone to play next double-tap the left earphone, to return to the previous song then touch 3 times one of the earphones to use the google assistant feature on android or Siri on iPhone to deactivate this earphone.

Touch 4 times and to turn it back on, touch the earbuds and hold it for 3 seconds. The earphones will turn back on and this is the most important part: what are the sound results from these TWS earphones at a price of Rp. 299,000.

Final Verdict:

At the time this blog post was made not worth it at this price and when I tried it for the bass sound it felt quite dominant and powerful maybe because of the upgrade from the previous version, with EQ Tuning software bass sound really terraces songs with fast genres like EDM music or REMIX songs you might like this earphone then what if it is used for gaming yes.

This earphone doesn’t have any gaming features, guys but the gaming experience I feel when using these earphones I didn’t feel the delay which was annoying at all still very comfortable to use to play games and if you want to know more clearly, how much delay is these earphones when used for playing games please rate yourself from this video in my personal opinion, the same as what I said earlier still very comfortable and quite responsive to the sound produced from these earphones when playing games at a price of Rp. 299,000. equipped with Bluetooth version 5.1 latest generation there is an ENC or Electric Noise Cancellation feature. This is useful when there is an incoming telephone outside noise will not be heard, and the sound will be clearer then 14 touch controls already using fast charging for charging I think you must have these earphones at a cheap price and complete features okay that’s all for the post this time if this blog post is helpful so please do comment.

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