What are the problems which a website sitemap can solve?

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Search engine optimization will help you with your framework is the first step of creating a better search experience. Some SEO projects have proper usability that becomes the top potential SEO problem. To boost your search visibility and SEO success these technical issues are overlooked.

Site isn’t indexed correctly: When you search for your website or brand in Google then you have an issue with your indexation. As your page is not indexed on Google page, your page is not existing and would not be found on search engines.

How to check: Type “site.yoursitename.com” on the search bar and you will instantly view the indexed pages for your website.

How to fix it: You can begin your indexing by adding your URL to Google. If you have indexed but still have many more results than expected then you need to look deeper for site hacking spam or old versions of your website. If your website performs less indexed content then compare it on Google webmaster guidelines to ensure that your website has compliant content.

  • ‌No XML sitemaps: XML sitemaps help you to understand your site pages so that they can effectively and intelligently crawl your website.

How to check: Type “/sitemap” to the end of your website domain. If your website has sitemaps then you can look upon it.

How to fix it: If you end up with the 404-page error and don’t have a sitemap then you can create your own sitemap by hiring a web developer or yourself. When you have a website on WordPress then plugins can automatically generate XML sitemaps for you.

  • Slow page speed: if your website is not loading quickly then you Must suffer from site speed and other usability factors that matter your experience on Google.

How to check:- To detect the specific problem on desktop as well as mobile performance you should use Google page speed insight or use page speed insight to scan your website.

How to fix:- To solve the common site speed error speak up your web developer. Speed recognition includes image optimization, browser caching improvement, javascript minifying, and server response time improvement.

  • ‌Duplicate content: There are more and more brands that are creating content management systems and practicing global SEO. There is also some duplicate content that may confuse the search engine crawler and did not get the right audience for your website. Content issues are too little and thin when you don’t have at least 300 words.

Reasons: The same content appears on an international website in different languages. Items of e-commerce site stores appear on different versions but with the same URL. Webpages repeat the content on the main pages.

How to fix: To resolve this problem you need to proper Rel= Canonical, use and proper configuration, and correct implementation tags.

  • No HTTPS security: This is the most common technical error that is rolled out on Google with a “not secure” warning. If your website displays a grey background with a not secure warning than you need to quickly fix it.
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How to fix it:–  You need to get SSL certificate from  Certificate Authority to convert your website into HTTPS. You will be secure and safe when you purchase and install your certificate.

  • ‌Missing or incorrect Robots.txt: If you have missing robots.txt file with a big red flag then it should destroy your organic site traffic.

How to check it: Type your website URL with “/robots.txt” suffix to determine that your website has robot.txt error. If “user-agent:* Disallow:/” is resulted then you have an issue.

How to fix it: When you get “disallow:/” result then immediately talk to your web developer. The developer will help you to overcome this problem. If you have complex sites then you should review it step by step with your web developer.

  • ‌Mobile device optimization: In 2018, when Google announced its mobile-first indexing, it represents more than half of the websites that appear on the search engine result. After the transition, your website Google sends you an e-mail and you can use the inspection tools to appear on mobile. Not to lose the search visibility on the mobile-first world you should inspect your website through “.m” timely. It will help you to shape your website good.

How to fix it: You need to correct hreflang code and links with the appropriate guarantee. Timely update all meta-data on the mobile websites that should be equivalent to both mobile and desktop sites. You also need to add mobile URLs to structure data on mobile pages.

The above solutions can help you in solving the problems of sitemap errors. You will have a great experience with these solutions. To get more solutions and more information you can contact us anytime. To contact us click here now. WordPress Website Design Pricing.

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