What is a mobile tracker & how it works?

Have you ever felt the need to track someone’s location?

If yes, then this article is going to amaze you with tricks that I’m going to share. 

Now, why would anyone wants to track location? 

See the answer can be many but what I know mostly I’ll share with you.

For instance, suppose you are a parent and you are concerned about your kids going out. Now how would you make sure he is safe or at least where his location is? If you know the location you can easily save him from any danger.  It’s not only about his location. You should be worried about his safety all the time.

But the bigger concern for parents nowadays is not their kids going out but what their kids do online.

Don’t you agree? 

You should make sure your kids do not get bullied online. A survey published recently suggests that almost half of kids get bullied online by the time they turn 16. Now, this is concerning. So, how do you make sure your kid is not one of them. 

Here is one question for you. 

What is that one thing that kids above 10 use most. You can share your answer in the comment box.

But, from my point of view, a smartphone is one device kids cannot live without nowadays. If you can’t stop them from using it, you can certainly use it in your favor.  

Here is how the mobile number tracker comes into picture. 

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What is a mobile number tracker ?

Mobile number tracker is an app or a website using which you can track the activities on anyone phone. There are paid and free mobile trackers. But, my suggestion will be to always go for a paid mobile tracker as there is always a security concern with free apps and websites.

I have used most of the free tracker and none of them yielded correct results. But, then I moved to one paid mobile tracker app and which I’ll be sharing with you guys today. 

A lot to learn today, so let gets started: 

What are all the activities a mobile number tracker can monitor. 

Well, it depends from phone to phone but few features are common in most apps. 

Such as 

  • Tracking whatsapp 
  • Hacking Facebook
  • Accessing photos and videos on mobile. 
  • Tracking the live location of the mobile. 
  • Finding all the passwords typed on the phone.

But all the above features come with a price. Let’s be honest, to implement the above feature in an app takes a lot of money, resources, & research. If we pay to buy it, it can provide a livelihood for many people. So, our suggestions will be to invest in a paid app if you are concerned about your privacy. 

Okay so which mobile number tracker I should buy. 

There are many in the market, but one app that I’ve been using for many months is mSpy

This app is available for iPhone, and Android  as well.

You can install mSpy in just 3 steps: 

They have different plans and you can pick the plan as per your needs. Generally, the plan is monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. At first, I’d advise you to go for a monthly plan and when you are satisfied with it you can go yearly. Once you pick the plan you can add payment information and confirm the billing. Post billing you will get an email from mSpy. 

2. This mail is very important as you will get all the installation instructions on this mail. Basically, you will have to install this APK on the victim’s phone to track their location. 

Note: There are few features that are only available for the rooted phone. You can ask to root your phone from the support of mSpy. 

3. This is the most fun step as this is where you will get all the recorded details on your control panel. 

Conclusion: Any mobile tracker works in the background and sends data remotely to your control panel. You can even track the location of phone users right from your control panel. 

There is one thing you should always remember, never misuse any one’s right to privacy. And, if you want to track anyone’s phone make sure to get their consent first. 

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