What is black magic, and removal of black magic?

Things like black magic, sorcery, sorcery, or getting things done by someone else are also prevalent in society. Although no one knows about their truth. Some people believe that black magic exists and some people consider it to be an illusion. Now this can be a subject of research.

It is believed that black magic is that through which a person tries to fulfill his selfishness or causes harm to someone. Bengal and Assam have been considered the stronghold of black magic. Through black magic, someone can be transformed into a goat and imprisoned or someone can be controlled and made to do any desired work. Through black magic, one can be put into any kind of illusion and can even be killed.

It is believed that black magic produces negative energy in the body. These powers are sent by an external person which has an internal impact on that person. Actually black magic works in a psychological manner. Black magic practitioners capture your unconscious mind. It affects your mind.

Black magic is also known as Abhichar i.e. such tantra-mantra which awakens negative powers. The main objective of black magic i.e. negative tantra-mantra is to drive away a person from that place, to harass him or to control him and use him or destroy him.

Black magic includes witchcraft, Vashikaran, Sthamban, Maran, ghosts, sorcery and tricks, etc. Mostly it is also called Tantrik Vidya. Apart from this, there are many traditional superstitions and tricks which are superstitions, which come from folk tradition and have no solid foundation behind them. Black magic can also be the subject of research. There are many things that are part of religion and many things that are not.

Symptoms of a person suffering from black magic


Symptoms of a person suffering from black magic, sorcery, or tantra mantra are such as mental obstruction, heaviness in breathing or fast walking, strain in the throat, the appearance of blue marks on the thighs without any injury, feeling of heaviness in the heart, Not getting enough sleep, illusion of someone’s presence, etc.

Apart from this, discord or fighting in the house without any particular reason, disappointment, frustration, restlessness, restlessness, and lack of enthusiasm are also results. In such an environment, the unnatural death of a family member and sudden loss in business are considered strong symptoms.

It is said that if black magic is not remedied in time, it can be extremely destructive, terrifying, and fatal, as a result of which the person’s life can be destroyed and ruined or some terrible disease can take over him. When suddenly your good times turn into bad times then there may be possibilities that you or your house has been affected by someone’s evil eye or someone has done something. Removal Of Black Magic is most important in the life of a person affected by black magic.

Ways to removal of black magic


Take a watered coconut and beat it over yourself 21 times. After the war, go to some temple and burn it in fire. This should be done on any member of the family who is in trouble. The above-mentioned remedies should be done on any Tuesday or Saturday. By doing this on 5 Saturdays you will get relief from sudden troubles in life. If any member’s health is bad then this remedy is best for him.

  • Keep reading Hanuman Chalisa daily. Recite Bajrang Baan every day for at least 43 days. Sometimes get Sunderkand recited at home.

  • Camphor should be burnt every morning and evening. Apart from this, sometimes jaggery should be mixed with ghee and incense should be given on its stem.

  • Take special care on Purnima, Amavasya, Teras, Chaudas, and Tuesday. Remain holy on this day.

  • Donate shade in Shani temple on five Saturdays. That is, fill a bowl with mustard oil, see your face in it, and keep it in the temple.

  • Sprinkle cow urine in the house and if possible, drinking cow urine a little for a few days also provides benefits.

  • Plant a white fig plant at home and tie the root of this plant around your neck for a few days.

  • Take a lemon and swing it 21 times over yourself or the victim and place it at a crossroads. Don’t look back.

  • Mix mace, Gayatri saffron, and Google and burn it on cow dung in the morning and evening for 21 days.

  • Offer 7 roses to Kalika Mata and chant Om Krim 21 times. After this, feed 7 leaves of one of these rose flowers to the person.

  • God Demon Siddhaugh Poojita Parameshwari

    Parana Roop Parama Paratantra Vinashini



If a person is affected by black magic then he faces a lot of trouble. If you are also feeling the effects of black magic then talk to astrologers to get rid of black magic.

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