Ultimate Guide To What is Picuki? An Anonymous Story Viewer App

Picuki is the perfect option for Instagram lovers who love to follow their stories but don’t want to reveal their identities.

Picuki app can be used to protect your privacy. You can also download stories and do many other things with Picuki.

This article will explain how to download the app, how to view stories, how it works, and what its features are. Everything you need to know about the app: keep reading to learn more about the app. Subscribechopnewsfor more exciting updates

What is Picuki?

Picuki lets you view Instagram stories anonymously. You can create any Instagram account you like without signing up.

You can visit the app anonymously and view comments and followers without disclosing your identity.

Picuki Instagram Profile Viewer

Picuki for Instagram might seem like a “stalker’s paradise,” but it’s a helpful tool that lets you browse photos and videos directly from your phone without creating an account.

We will show you Picuki for Instagram and explain how it works. Picuki offers several utilities that let you browse through IG stories, posts, and profiles.

Any photo or video can be saved. Picuki allows you to see the secret stories of others.

Picuki’s most outstanding feature is its ability to search for specific topics or hashtags.

Picuki Search: How Does It Work?

Picuki gives you access to Instagram content via an official “Instagram API Basic” API. ThisAPIallows you to access basic information, such as photos and videos, from your IG account.

Picuki allows you to search Instagram for content. Picuki lets you search for stories, photos, and videos from IG users. Picuki is a great tool for identifying hidden profiles without revealing their identities.

Some special features:

  • HD Profile Pictures and Stories Viewer
  • Bookmark your favorite posts so you can find them offline.
  • The stories can be viewed without annoying ads
  • Searches can be done for any topic using metrics like tags, profiles, and locations.
  • Instagram images and videos can be downloaded.

Edit Instagram photos and add content. You can view all the top Instagram content from one place with the Trending feature.

Safe to use?

Research revealed mixed results. Picuki is anonymous and secure for some but can expose your privacy.

Pickup is one of these tools. It uses Instagram’s official content API. It doesn’t ask for money nor exploits any rights. The tool can be launched anonymously to see Instagram’s content.

Lets users view any Instagram profile, photos, and stories.

Private profiles are not supported by it. Picuki’s high Skamadviser trust rating makes him safe.

Here are the steps to follow to download Instagram Stories

Step 1: Navigate To Picuki’s Homepage.

Step 2: Type the profile name in the search bar

Step 3:Click on the photo/video you want to keep private.

Step 4:Click the “Download” button.

How to Edit Video and Picture Posts

Picuki allows you to view anonymous Instagram Stories. Picuki lets you view Instagram stories anonymously and check direct messages.

This service allows users to see their Instagram feeds. This tool allows us to view the Instagram feeds of other users and count likes.

To enhance or create new content on Instagram, you can start by editing photos.

Step 1: Copy the link/name to the Instagram account that you wish to view anonymously.

Step 2: Enter the link or name in the search box, and then click Search. Or, press the Enter key.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page:, where you can see all the public profile information: Instagram profile name and photo, number of followers and subscriptions, biography, live broadcasts, and publications, etc. ;

Step 4: To edit the story, or post, first open it. Each post will have an “Edit” button located at the bottom in your preferred language.

Step 5: Click the button to edit the posts with your content. You can then save your edited Ins posts for later use or download them.

Picuki is anonymous?

Picuki’s website confirms that Picuki is an anonymous person.

You won’t see your Instagram account in any stories you view or download.

If you save a photo a user has posted, they won’t notify you.

Picuki’s Advantages

You can save it: Save Instagram videos and photos to your device.

Anonymously: No one will be able to see other people’s Instagram stories.

Picuki allows you to view reports without an account.

Picuki by Stories is entirely free to use.

Picuki vs Instagram – Know the Difference

Instagram is one the most used and popular social media platforms. It allows users all over the world to share photos and videos, as well as their accomplishments and routines.

What if I wish to save IG Stories from another user on my phone? Instagram does not allow users to download stories to the app. Picuki is a great way to avoid disappointment.


Q. Can I get a story from another account?

Ans.Picuki is able to let you download stories, provided that your account is not private.

You should only download stories for informational purposes.It is not recommended to reuse stories by other authors.These authors own the rights to these materials.

Q. What are the best apps?

Ans.Photos and Stories taken from any public Instagram account

Q. How do I view my downloaded stories?

Ans.Ans.Drag the video from the download to your browser.View photo stories with image viewers, or view videos like them in a browser.

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