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What is the Best Treatment for Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a severe problem especially for women since a thick and full head of hair is considered not only attractive but also youthful for women. Thinning hair, early greying of hair and hair loss can be major problems for women who are still approaching their 40’s and sometimes even before that.

It is to be blamed not only on external factors, but sometimes the cause of hair loss can also be internal such as in the case of Pattern Hair Loss. There are many best hair loss treatment for female that help in treating such conditions and help in retaining hair for a longer period of time.

Especially if the condition pertains to internal factors, there is very little that the patient herself can do – such as in the case of Alopecia or Ludwig Pattern Hair Loss, a common hair receding and hair thinning disorder faced by women that can cause baldness in patches across the scalp.

Female Pattern Hair Loss – Introduction

Hair loss is different from Hair Fall. Hair loss is a condition that is the eventual result of consistent and irredeemable hair fall that has caused permanent loss of hair in the scalp in patches. For men this condition is more or less similar to Alopecia and in women – the disorder is often termed as Ludwig Scale or Ludwig Pattern Hair Loss.

It is referred to as pattern hair loss because hair is lost in small patches, as a pattern across the scalp with no specific order or character. This can cause major aesthetic problems in women. It can become extremely difficult or even embarrassing to step out and most women refrain from it. Wearing a wig or completely shaving their hair off would seem like the only logical solution.

But due to the advent in skin and hair sciences, many dermatologists have now come up with modern and effective best hair loss treatments for females without having to compromise on their natural hair. There are many methods and medications that can help in regrowing hair and in some cases, surgical procedures such as Hair Transplant or even Laser Light Therapy can be very effective in reactivating the hair follicles and help them grow new, natural hair.

Treatments for Hair Loss in Women

For those who are facing female pattern hair loss issues, there are many modern and effective methods – both invasive and non-invasive based on the degree of baldness available. The common methods of treatment are mentioned below:

1. Topical Medication

Minoxidil or Rogaine is one of the most common OTC (Over the counter) drugs that can be effective for beginning stages of hair loss in women. It helps in preventing hair loss and helps in reducing the rate of hair fall in men and women

2. Oral Medication

Prescription drugs such as Finasteride is a common oral medication that can be prescribed by a hair specialist which can help in combating hair fall in men and women

3. Laser Therapy

There are many kinds of laser light therapies which are invasive but are very effective in regrowing hair. This is suggested for those who have moderate to severe pattern baldness.

4. Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is an invasive surgical procedure with a high chance of regrowing hair naturally in extreme bald cases. Hair follicles are transferred from one site to another so that they can help in filling out the scalp and recreate original natural hair.

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