What is the most secure way to send documents? Know here

what is the most secure way to send documents. We often share different documents with people but have you often wondered. The file or the document you are sharing is safely shared or not. People are always asking a question . Before sharing your file, you should always remind the most secure way to send documents, secure enterprise file sharing etc.
You share your different information with people like personal information, bank details, private images/videos or company details. Sometimes you accidently share your information to a wrong email address that causes information breaches in public in due to email misleading.
Or sometimes you intentionally do not do email misleading but still your data is being leaked because there can be many cause of information breaching like the hacker are always looking the loop hole to steal your information. But the question arise how can be secured from information breaching and what is the most secure way to send documents more securely.

What Are The Types Of File Sharing

There are different ways of file sharing that helps you to share your data with people.

  • (Removable) Old Fashioned – In these technique we transfer data from one device to a removable device (pen drive) and reached to the person who need it. But while sharing the data in a pen drive is not safe until you do not protect it with a password. It the drive get lost than your data can be leaked.
  • File Transfer Protocol – The main purpose of file transfer protocol is to transfer file from one computer to another, and still people are using this method to transfer file. This method of file sharing was not secure.
  • Email attachment – Email is the most widely used way of sharing file over the internet. But according to the report of Microsoft the big companies like Google and outlook etc. are not completely safe. They use TLS to share a file but when the file reached to a receiver than it is not sure that who is accessing the file.
  • P2P peer to peer – It was designed to share files over the internet, where you can share music, videos, images etc. but this was not secured and was not designed to share sensitive information over the internet. A recipient can know the IP address if VPN is not used.
  • Cloud file sharing – Cloud file sharing is said to be secured file sharing system in which you can create can link, or can share a file or complete folder to receiver. Cloud file sharing is a new technology where your data is stored at different locations and you can access your data from anywhere. Cloud provides you the best security. There are many cloud solutions providers like Google, AWS, IBM, Wetransfer, Dropbox etc.
    There many other companies like Netforchoice which is said to be a best secure file sharing service provider in India.

File sharing service provider and their drawbacks

  • Dropbox – It is a file sharing service provider where you can share your file with clients. But when we talk about secure file sharing drop box have some limitations. It does not provider client side encryption and it does not allow to create private key for security purpose.
  • Wetranfer – It you to share files online but there is some drawback of sharing file through Wetranser. Your information can go in wrong hand by information breach or hackers are using wetransfer to send you malware or phishing urls.
  • Citrix share file – it is a file sharing platform where you can share your file with your client, you can only share a file up to 100 GB, which restrict a user to perform more tasks.

These Are The Most Secure Document Sharing Methods

  • Encryption – While sharing your files/documents you should always use end to end encryption methods. Under this method data is securely shared with sharing person. Under encryption method simple information is converted in a code. it is said to be most secure way of file sharing.
  • Password – While sharing your information use a good password to protect it from unauthorized access. Than share it with person whom you want to share your file. Using a password with 3 different letters is said to be good practice. It help you to send your document securely.
  • Turn on two factor authentications – It helps you to protect your data from unauthorized access. When someone try to access you get an alert.
  • Set Sharing Time Limit – While sharing your files set a time limit to so that after expiring the link, file do not open.
  • Monitor file excess – if you want to make your data secure monitor of file sharing because it helps you to know who is excessing your file and you can prevent if found unauthorized. This also help you to share your document safe and securely.

Why Secure Document Sharing Needed?

No matter whether you are an individual or running a business. We usually share sensitive data over the internet but we cannot be sure that the data we have shared is sure or not.

Cloud sharing help you to share file securely. It is end to end encrypted and no one can access your file.
You can even share large files over the cloud sharing. Sharing a large file over the email or any other platform. It is not said to be secured.

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How Does Netforchoice Secure File Sharing Solutions Help You

According to expert suggestion Netforchoice is a good choice for you if you want to share your data securely. Netforchoice is an India based data center that make your data secure with its 8 layers’ data protection. Netforchoice gives you more features as compare to other file sharing service provider. It is located at different locations to make your data secure.

Netforchoice file sharing vault allows you to share file securely with anyone. you have the complete access to monitor your file. You can share file of any size with the help of Netforchoice file sharing vault.

How Does Netforchoice Secure File Sharing Vault Works

  • Monitoring file access – Netforchoice allow you to monitor your files access. you have the control to restrict access if found unauthorized. You can check how many time file is opened or accessed by a particular person.
  • End to end encrypted – Netforchoice file sharing vault is 99% encrypted, no one can access your file without your permission.
  • Large file sharing – You can share file of any size on vault sharing there is no limitation of size.
  • User friendly interface – NFC vault gives you a good user friendly interface that allow you to manage your files easily.
  • Time bound link sharing – You can share your file with a specific time bound link. So it prevents other from unauthorized access and stop information breaching.
  • Secured cloud storage – They provide you secure cloud hosting server and your data is stored at different locations.
  • 99.995% uptime – High performance file transfer and website data
  • Data leakage protection – your data is protect with high security. Netforchoice team keep an eye on your data to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • Secure mobile collaboration – You can send data using your mobile phone also securely
  • End point data protection – Your data is secure from a sever to the user end

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