Which is Better, Blue Star AC or Daikin AC?

In a lot of Indian cities, temperatures have already started to climb to levels that call for day-round air-conditioning. As we prepare for yet another scorcher of summer after a couple of fairly satisfying cooler months, many of us are preparing to get a more heavy-duty AC, a replacement for our old air-conditioner, and supplementary air-conditioners for other rooms. 

Some might even be planning to go in for their first-ever AC. Given that buying an AC represents a long-term commitment, it makes sense to spend a little time researching the various brands and models available in the market.

When it comes to AC brands, Blue Star and Daikin are among the most popular residential AC brands in the country, and as a result, it won’t surprise anyone if you have narrowed down your search to two options: Blue Star and Daikin. 

We have just the exercise that will help you decide whether you need to opt for a Blue Star AC, or whether you should go for a Daikin AC instead. We also take a closer look at two models from each brand and compare them.

Duel #1 – 1 Ton air-conditioners

We have chosen the Blue Star FS312AATU AC, and the Daikin ATL35TV16 AC, both with a cooling capacity of 1 ton.

Energy efficiency rating: Both models have the same BEE star rating of 3 stars. The Daikin model comes with an ISEER rating of 3.36; the Blue Star model trumps this with an ISEER rating of 3.54.

Power consumption: However, if you look at actual power consumption, the Daikin AC consumes 955 watts of electricity, while the Blue Star AC consumes 918 watts. Thus, one can save more on their electricity bills by purchasing the Daikin AC.

Cooling capacity:  The Blue Star AC boasts a cooling capacity of 3380 watts, while the Daikin AC boasts a cooling capacity of 3350 watts.

Decibel levels: The Blue Star AC creates an operating sound of 28 to 41 decibels, while the Daikin model’s operation sound is in a similar range of 29 to 40 decibels.

Duel #2 – 2 Ton air conditioners 

When it comes to 2 ton ACs, we look at the Blue Star IC524DATX AC, and compare it with the Daikin 2.2 ton FTKL71TV AC.

Energy efficiency rating: The Blue Star model comes with a star rating of 5 stars. The Daikin AC, on the other hand, comes with a 3-star rating, making the Blue Star AC the more energy efficient of the two.

Power consumption: The Daikin air-conditioner’s power consumption is much higher than its counterpart, as it consumes 2365 watts, while the Blue Star model consumes 1810 watts.

Cooling capacity: The Blue Star model offers a cooling capacity of 6650 watts, whereas the Daikin AC boasts a cooling capacity of 7100 watts.

Decibel levels: The Blue Star AC’s operation sound averages at 49 decibels, and the Daikin model’s varies between 39 and 49 decibels.

In conclusion, Blue Star air conditioners are generally more energy-efficient, while Daikin ACs can operate at lower noise levels. While it is difficult to draw parallels between two brands, you can look at the star rating, power consumption, and the cooling capacities of the ACs before making your decision.

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