Why Business should consider Chatbot?

Ever since the introduction of the internet, the world is growing faster. The need and demand of the consumer section have seen tremendous growth. Commerce sounds like an outdated term, and e-commerce is the center of attraction. With the introduction of AI technology, everything seems to be more accessible and convenient. Chatbot based on the same AI technology is the talk of the business town.

 A chatbot is a software used to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech if one can not interact with the live human agent. A chatbot is programmed to handle the customer’s queries with pre-stored data or answers to the likely questions asked. But nowadays customers need more. Chatbot based on AI tech is more interactive than the traditional one. It is capable of answering the query on the spot efficiently in a manner that can satisfy the customer. Due to its many advantages to the consumer and the seller, its usage has increased many folds.

Some of its undeniable benefits are:-

  • 24×7 service – one can access chatbots anytime they wish. Its availability is not bound to anything except internet availability. Customers who have late-night shopping cravings find it more amusing. Having an emergency of some sort can also rely on the companies using chatbots for their grieves and redressal.
  • Quicker- due to its pre-stored information and significant data handling capacity, chatbots respond faster than the call center agents. Chatbots solve the frequently asked queries in no time. It is observed that chatbots of some companies like DiVA handle 40% of questions on their own.
  • Economical –  companies with a comprehensive and dynamic market find it very economical to deploy chatbots. Virtual agents tend to have more impact on consumers. With the introduction of chatbots, one can direct its resources wisely. It saves the time, money, and efforts of the seller. A company using chatbots is not dependent on the quality of its customer service agents to resolve the customer’s difficulties, hence increasing the rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Broader scope – chatbot is not only an aid to the business, but it has emerged as a new business prospect or career option for the tech-focused youth. Due to its increasing usage, many institutes are offering chatbot courses, online as well as offline. One can now learn how to develop a chatbot for one’s use or render services to others. One of the business ideas’ central core is the chatbot for, e.g., Swelly, e-bay, endurance, Casper, UNICEF, ALICE, and many more.
  • Personalization – chatbot keeps the data of the consumer and, based upon the stored information, it keeps in touch with them as well as gives them references and suggestions based upon their likings or browsing history. In this way, it makes the shopping experience of the user unique and exciting according to their needs. This gives them a feeling of personal attention.
  • Elimination of errors – chatbot, being a robotic technology, eliminates the chances of error occurrence. It has all the data stored with it, and it can refer to it anytime needed. It doesn’t forget. Chatbots are programmed to answer according to the customer’s intent and based upon the pre-stored information, thus eliminating the chances of errors.
  • Audience expansion – a chatbot can also be programmed to target potential customers. It sends emails and suggestions about the products from time to time and offers services regarding any queries. It is observed that the mails via chatbot have more opening percentage.
  • Flexibility – a chatbot can be programmed according to the seller’s requirement. It can offer after-sale services or can assist during sales. It can identify the customer’s intent and can answer it accordingly.
  • Eliminates human limitations – being a technology, it never complains. It doesn’t forget. It has more patience and therefore never gets frustrated when similar questions are asked. One or a hundred chatbot answers efficiently to every question in the same manner.
  • Works alongside humans – chatbot is capable of running alongside humans. It makes the job of humans more accessible and faster. The queries which require special attention are only delegated to the service agents. And the customer’s FAQs are answered by the chatbots giving more time to the agents.
  • Entertainment – it helps the customers to kill time. People tend to use many apps based on a chatbot to spend their time whenever they feel so. For, e.g., Alexa, Siri, google assistance. Some chatbots converse with customers who feel lonely and need someone to talk to. In this way, a chatbot is also used as a mate who listens.

Chatbot has many more to offer, not just the above said few.

Now the question arises – HOW TO CREATE A CHATBOT?

  • With the help of chatbot developers/ builders- with the increased trend of conversational marketing, the demand for chatbots has kicked up. Many certified chatbots developer are rendering their services. Anyone can render their services.
  • Creating your chatbot- with the introduction of chatbot development as a professional and certified course, anyone can now learn how to create a chatbot. After being an accredited chatbot developer, one can make a chatbot for own use or work for others. But creating your chatbot requires more than just coding. One must build a creative and efficient team to run a chatbot efficiently.

One must keep the use and impact of a chatbot for and on its market before taking any decision.

Conversational marketing offers more potential, and its impact can be easily felt. One should consider the use of chatbots if selling online. Not only for the FMCG sector, but chatbots also have the potential for other sectors like insurance, banking, medicine, educational institutes. Trends show that with the development of AI technology, the use of chatbots will increase day by day. A time will soon come when every brand has its chatbot. The chatbot will fully replace human assistance as AI tech is improving daily, and the consumers also like it very much. This opens the way to a new sector of chatbot development. And soon, it will grow as a different industry.

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