Why choose Singapore to study accounting?

Singapore is considered one of the most preferred destinations for studies and many international students flock there in great numbers annually. The garden city is not just a beautiful destination but also one of the strongest economies in the South Asia-Pacific region. Being technologically advanced, Singapore has made a strong place for itself in the global economy.

This also reflects on its outlook towards education and you will many states -of- the -art learning facilities here. The mode of education is also very futuristic and driven towards imbibing current knowledge and relevant skills sets that are directly applicable to each work profile. Hence, not only is Singapore a great place to study accounting but also practice it as accounting professionals are the most sought after experts here. Some reasons why you should prepare for your accounting career in Singapore are:

Affordable education

If you seek an education that is at par with developed countries like the USA and UK, but at more affordable rates then head over to Singapore. The city-state offers the best education at a price that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Also, other expenses like food and transport are very easily managed here as Singapore has excellent public transport with great connectivity. You can also find many affordable food joints here which are pocket friendly.

Great economy

Another added plus is the economy which has rapidly risen in the past few years. This has been due to all the development that Singapore has seen in terms of corporates and big multinationals setting up their business here. Hence, it is being recognised as a financial and economic hub which is attracting students and businesses from all over the world.

Study ACCA

Students interested in accounting can pursue the popular and globally recognised degree of ACCA and Singapore can help them prepare for it. The city-state has many reputed courses that help students get thoroughly prepared for the ACCA examination. They are equipped with all the learning that can help them better understand the curriculum and prepare well for their exam. The subjects taught in these courses are according to accounting standards and regulations.

Multitude of careers

Another great part about studying accounting in Singapore is that the place has a flourishing market with high demand for accounting professionals. You will find many good opportunities to choose from and can also enjoy a lot of financial success. There are many big firms in Singapore that hire accountants and this is excellent for anyone looking for immense career growth.

Stability and growth

Many global professionals come down to Singapore to find growth and stability in their career. The place has a highly developed infrastructure with readily available industrial and a commercial facility which helps companies set up their business here and run it successfully. This also means that those looking to grow professionally in accounting will find a stable job here and can expect a lot of growth. Post their education in Singapore, they will become applicable to take up good job positions.

This green paradise is not only highly safe but is vastly appealing to youngsters as there is so much to do here. Being a mix of eastern and western traditions, the place certainly helps develop a greater perspective towards the global community. Given that English remains the most popular language here, you will not have a hard time communicating with others. If keen to take up accounting, you can choose tostudy with LSBF Singaporewhich is a reputed university that has given traction to the career of numerous students.

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