Why Is The Baluchari Silk Saree So Special?

No visitor to West Bengal can hope to get a glimpse into its rich heritage by ignoring the lure of the spectacular Baluchari silk saree. Made entirely out of handloom, the saree grabs instant attention by remaining unparalleled in many ways. It is found both in cotton as well as silk with its motifs being the main attraction. Both the border along with the wide pallu can tell an intricate tale based on Indian mythology and epics.

Primary Elements

The Baluchari saree is usually created with pure silk yarns with an exceedingly smooth texture. You will find the sarees available in all colours of the rainbow as well as a number of offbeat shades that capture the attention of the onlookers. Sure, you can get cotton Baluchari or the same motif created on other fabrics as well but it is the sheen of the silk that has held sway for decades.

You will find the silk within the saree to be of superb quality. The yarns used are totally uniform in texture along with their strength. You would be amazed to learn that its strength makes the weave more compact. The intricate patterns and motifs created on the silk are possible due to its tensile strength. It is important to be well informed about this saree when you choose to buy a Baluchari saree online as well.

The motifs make the Baluchari saree instantly recognizable. Each motif is spaced uniformly throughout the saree with the border and pallu showcasing an increased density of the pattern. You will be intrigued to find an entire story woven out of silk yarns when you look closely at the saree. Human motifs take primacy here although many craftsmen have tried to modernize the design by introducing floral and abstract motifs here and there. However, tradition rules even today with Baluchari silks depicting the age-old stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata continuing to be hot favourites.

The pallu is even more complex with a myriad of colours and designs making it a work of art. The favourite way of draping the saree is to display the pallu bringing the enticing tale to notice.


It is the State of West Bengal that serves as the birthplace of Baluchari sarees. Bishnupur located in the Bankura district serves as the epicenter of this unique craft. The weavers have congregated here from all parts of West Bengal hoping to recreate the magic of Baluchari saree. Manual weaving of silk yarns is still in force as the weavers do not want to risk breaking the yarns. The best craftsmen make sure to wash every single yarn meticulously and take care to dye each of them in vibrant colours. The play of contrasting colours in the saree is created by intertwining yarns with many weavers adding a single thread of zari for the glittering effect. The saree is available in numerous variations today. You are welcome to check a Baluchari silk saree with a price online in order to finalize your choice.

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