Why My Laptop Can’t Connect to Wireless-N WiFi Repeater?

Wireless-N brand is known to distribute extenders worldwide. This tech provides users extended network in every corner of the house. You can connect any device to a WiFi extender like laptop, computers or phones and use reliable internet service. But after completing the Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup, users faces some problems such as phone or laptop is not connecting with the extender or network interruptions. Want to find the reasons of these problems? Want to solve this issue? Down here we will discuss the possible causes to the errors and also provide solutions to fix it.

Why Your Laptop is Unable to Link with Repeater?

There could be several reasons why your laptop isn’t connecting to the networking device. Let’s see responsible causing factors of the issue.

  1. Laptop is Out of Range

We know that WiFi repeaters range limit is very high, but it is limited. So, trying to connect with the repeater out of its reach can be a reason.

  1. Weak Router to Extender Link

One of the valid reasons of this issue is weak connection between the WiFi router and Extender. The wrong link reason is inserting the Ethernet cable to the wrong network ports.

  1. Using Damaged Cable

The Ethernet cable that you are using to make a link between the repeater and router can be damaged, this can also be a solid reason why you can’t connect your laptop to the Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

  1. Laptop’s Memory Overloaded

Some users face the same problem because their laptop’s storage is overloading or has no free space.

  1. Typing Wrong Repeater’s Details

Laptops can be connected to the extender through WiFi wirelessly. The connections can fail because you entered wrong details of the repeater in to the WiFi settings of the laptop.

  1. Wrong Extender’s Location

Plugging the networking device near to the electronic devices like microwave ovens or cordless phones can be a reason of the network interruption. These interruptions can also be a causing factor of the problem.

So, these are some possible reasons why your laptop is unable to link the Wireless-N repeater. Now, let’s take a look at the solutions that help you to fix the issue.

Solutions to Dispel Connection Issues

  • Get Closer to Repeater

You should get your laptop close to the Networking device and then try to connect it with the Wireless-N WiFi repeater within its range.

  • Ensure Router to Extender Link

Check the link between the WiFi router and the repeater. You should ensure that the Ethernet cable is inserted to the WAN port of the Wireless-N repeater and LAN port of the WiFi router.

  • Replace Damaged Cable

Be sure you are using a network cable that is in good condition. If you have found that the Ethernet cable is damaged then you should replace it quickly.

  • Free Up Some Memory

If you are facing the same problem, then check the memory status of the laptop and free up some storage by deleting the irrelevant files from the laptop.

  • Enter Correct WiFi Details

You must try to reconnect the laptop with correct Network SSID name and password of the Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

  • Change Extender’s Location

If you have find any electromagnetic device near to the range extender then just change the location of the repeater and plug it somewhere else far away from the electronic things.

  • Reboot Laptop and Repeater

Sometimes, all the above written tips failed to troubleshoot the errors, then you can reboot both of the devices. You can reboot the laptop by pressing the shortcut key Alt+F4 and then select REBOOT option. To restart the Wireless-N repeater, you have to plug out of the wall socket and just plug it in again to reboot it.

You can simply apply these solutions to fix the problem. If you still are facing the same issue then you can reset the repeater, but after resetting it you have to manage the settings again through

The Last Words

In this article, you have learned why your laptop is unable to connect with the Wireless-N repeater. You have also got information to troubleshoot this connection error with the help of some solutions. We hope you have successfully found out the reason of the problem and solved it easily with the help of this article.

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