Why No One Should Ever Skip Lunch

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day as we know it, but lunch is what keeps one going throughout the day. Good food, consumed at the right time of the day, increases blood sugar levels, and keeps one energized. After breakfast, we usually tend to eat heavy portions for lunch, and sometimes we even go crazy over junk food. While junk food can meddle with one’s metabolism, good, healthy food can actually aid one’s metabolism if consumed in the right manner and at the right time.


Lunch is a midday meal that is preferably taken between 12 pm to 1 pm. A healthy lunch topped with a good diet plan not only keeps one full for a longer period of time but also increases their metabolism. Extended gaps between meals can actually prove more harmful to one as one would usually go for a larger portion as they get hungry over time and this habit always makes one gain more weight and cause unnecessary health problems. Whereas, a healthy diet plan not only makes one full but also satiated, keeping them in good shape without any health issues.


Dos – Make a healthy eating habit, consult a dietitian or nutritionist if necessary. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, grains, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, etc. Opt for food that is rich in nutrients and take it to another level by eating them fresh. Eat-in every four hours and try not to skip meals because each is important when it comes to keeping one healthy, both physically and mentally.

Don’ts – Do not eat fried food on a regular basis. Stay away from sugar. Don’t eat cuts that contain fat. Avoid canned/packaged food as much as you can because they contain harmful preservatives that can cause health problems if consumed for a longer period of time. Quit binging, because, trust me, it doesn’t help. Avoid fruit smoothies and eat them raw.


A healthy and balanced diet is very important to keep one going and preparing them in the right manner can improve both your physical and mental conditions. Healthy food doesn’t necessarily have to taste flat or bad, they can simultaneously be tasty and beneficial. Here are some ideas for you to make each of your meals healthy as well as super tasty.

  • Eat more salads, as they tend to contain green leafy veggies and also provide a bite. When I was in Noida for work, I would visit different restaurants and cafes just to try their salads as I usually eat salads for lunch. Some were really good and some not. If you’re in Noida and like salads, then explore and find the best restaurants in Noida for lunch as there are many of them starting from expensive eateries to cozy bistros.
  • Oats are a super healthy option because it not only keeps you full but helps in digestion and improves metabolism. If you don’t like to have your oats in its traditional form, you can always make it different, e.g. masala oats, oats poha, oats biscuits, the options are too many!
  • Eat more fruits and lean proteins.

Don’t compromise on taste, eat healthy, stay healthy!

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