Why Plant Based Natural Laundry Detergent?

When we are shopping for laundry detergent, we tend to have a long list of requirements that are important for us. We take many things into consideration, such as its skin sensitivity, fragrance, number of loads, and price point. There are different kinds of laundry detergents in the market that serve different purposes. There exist the best liquid detergents for washing machines along with chemically riddled conventional detergents.

Laundry detergents that use plant-based surfactants and cleaning agents are becoming increasingly popular. The term “plant-based” in terms of laundry detergent has a varied meaning. But mainly it stands for natural and non-toxic substances in the laundry detergent. Many laundry detergent formulas still include chemicals derived from animal or non-organic sources. Natural laundry detergents use cleaning agents derived from plant-based materials rather than petrochemicals.

Most people use the old conventional chemical-based laundry detergents that are very much harmful to the environment as well as for an individual’s skin because they contain many toxic substances, such as sulphates, phosphates, parabens, LAS, 1,4-Dioxane, and more. Using laundry detergent that contains such harmful substances can cause serious skin problems, such as, eczema, psoriasis, or extremely dry skin.

Instead, laundry detergent with natural enzymes, organically fermented surfactants, natural antiseptics, organic acid buffers like citric acid, and natural germicides like coconut extract, should be taken into consideration.

Why not use your conventional laundry detergent?

  • The chemical residue that is left after using the conventional laundry detergent is absorbed by your skin and respiratory system. It also seeps into your skin while washing clothes.
  • Clothes also retain the powder detergent after wash. We wear clothes all through the day and although our skin casts a protective barrier from things like temperature, it can absorb 60% of things it comes into contact with. This means your chemically washed clothing that sits on your skin all day, feeds your skin leftover chemicals.
  • Not only the powder detergent but also clothes washed in liquid laundry detergent leave residues in the water. When such water is released into the environment it causes great harm to it.
  • Not only do people with skin diseases face problems but people having thyroid also have great issues as some of the most common chemicals found in laundry detergents are proven to be known carcinogens or endocrine disruptors.

Why use a plant-based natural laundry detergent?

Many people are shifting from conventional laundry detergent towards the new trend of using plant-based natural laundry detergent. From best liquid detergent for the washing machine to best powder detergent, all now come under the plant-based natural laundry detergent. When choosing a detergent, you want something 100% toxic-free and 100% biodegradable, free from any chemical substances, and the seal of approval from a third party organization which should be legitimate and certified. Here are some reasons that are enough to opt for a plant based natural laundry detergent rather than a conventional one:

  • A plant derived laundry detergent only uses ingredients found in nature, as opposed to processed petrochemicals. So there exist no harmful chemicals in such detergents that can cause harm to the environment as well as to a person’s skin.
  • When the leftover water used for washing clothes is drained out, it does not harm the environment because there are no residues of chemical substances that can deteriorate natural things.
  • Some people also choose a plant based natural laundry detergent as part of their vegan-friendly lifestyle as these detergents don’t use animal ingredients and are cruelty-free.
  • Some people who are suffering from skin infections or diseases also prefer using plant based detergents as they are very soft on hands and protect their skin from any harmful damage.
  • Plant based natural laundry detergents are also best for cleaning clothes. Some formulas contain stronger concentrations of stain-removing enzymes or surfactants than others. Both liquid and powder are useful but it depends on what works and is more effective for you.
  • There is a myth that plant based natural laundry detergents don’t provide any fragrance. But Born Good has two amazing fragrance detergents- Brazilian Rosewood and Japanese Cypress.

These aforementioned points are some of the basic reasons for the popularization of plant based natural laundry detergents. Also, the mentioned points prove that plant based natural laundry detergents are way better than the conventional ones. It is undoubtedly the best and the safest alternative for the old school detergent in your house.

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