Why Progressive Stamping Companies are More Reliable?

Metal stamping involves precision and computer-controlled manufacturing techniques. This requires exceptional technical expertise. Therefore, contract manufacturing to outsourcing the production of metal components is a wise decision.

Why do you need a progressive stamping partner?

Reason 1- You need their expertise

Progressive stamping companies are equipped with the expertise to address a variety of issues. From design to development to delivering the final product, these companies are capable to do it for you. A solid progressive metal stamping company understands your uses and designs the metal parts accordingly.

Reason 2- They grow with you

As your business grows, you will need an increased manufacturing capacity. When you partner with the right metal stamping firm, they take care of the increased demand, while you focus on scaling your business. Choose a collaborative partner that shares the same vision as yours. This way they become a virtual extension of your metal parts business.

Reason 3- The ISO certification ensures quality

A progressive stamping manufacturing unit that is ISO certified ensures all the products meet the highest quality standards. The experts at their manufacturing unit take care of the same and strive to meet your demands. The ISO certification also implies their ability to deliver consistent performance.

How to choose reliable progressive stamping companies?

Progressive metal stamping companies use cutting-edge technologies to make simple and complex metal parts. They create intricate metal parts from metal sheets within the stipulated budget and the allotted time.

Therefore, choosing the right progressive metal stamping company is crucial. Here we list key factors you must consider while hunting for the appropriate metal stamping partner.

Vouch out for company reputation

Company reputation should be the first thing you need to check about a progressive metal stamping partner. Check their order completion history to know their on-time delivery rate. Also, look out for companies that are members of the Precision manufacturing association.

Ensure ISO 9001 certification

A company with ISO 9001 certification is bound to deliver quality products. Check out their website to know the quality certifications they hold. It gives a good confirmation about the quality standards which the company follows.

Check their industry experience and their niche expertise.

Another important aspect while considering a metal stamping partner is to look into their industry experience. You need a good idea about their expertise. Some companies may deliver excellent metal parts for aerospace but may not have the right tools to produce consumer electronic parts. Always go deep into their roots and verify their niche and industry experience.

Check their production capacity.

Before choosing a progressive stamping company, have a general idea of the number of metal parts that you would need in the long run. Do a quick research about the production capacity of various companies. This way, you know their ability to scale with your requirements in the future.

Look out for customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are the best way to gauge the company’s reliability and customer experience. Reach out to their previous customers to know their experience with the company. You can also rely on the testimonials on their company website.


Now that you know where to find a progressive stamping partner, go ahead and contact them for considering contract manufacturing. Metal stamping is a well-known process in which thin sheets of metals get shaped using dies. If you have been using this technique under the default setting, you would know how it worsens your production time and costs you more money. But if you are willing to learn more about how this process could help you beat your production goals, contact any of these progressive stamping companies.

If you’re in the process of designing or redesigning a product that requires metal stamping, then there are considerable benefits to be found in outsourcing your production to a progressive stamping firm. The quality of your final product will reflect positively on your brand, as well as your business. In addition, these companies are equipped with skilled craftspeople who will get the job done correctly and efficiently. They can complete your project quickly and confidently, which means time-savings and cost-savings for you. Ultimately, a progressive metal stamping partner is more than just a stamping partner; they’re an extension of your business, filling in where you fall short while relying on you to do what you do best. It’s a collaborative effort between design and development.

Progressive stamping companies are capable of producing metal components that are durable, lightweight, and attractive. Their ability to provide deep-drawing products with ample design flexibility, lower tooling cost, variable quantity production, and fast-to-market programs is worth looking into.

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