Why SEO is Important for Every Business?

Hello, and a warm welcome you all. In this article, I will explain why SEO is important for every business in 2020. So read the article till the end, because this article is going to be more informative.

If you are already aware of the term Search Engine Optimization, you may leave this article, but you should read this article if you are new to this industry.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

So first of all, We know What is SEO? SEO is a proven technique, where we optimize our webpage according to Search Engine guidelines.

“Best place to hide your website on google is the second page of the Search Engine Result Page.” It means if You have a website and your website is not displaying on the 1st page, Then there is no use of having a website.

A website is incomplete without the traffic, and you can bring the traffic on your website with SEO.

Why SEO is Important for every business:

Time has changed, and businesses are also changing their way of marketing. If we talk about early 2010, most of the businesses were following traditional marketing. Because at that time cost of the Internet was quite high in India.

Only those companies were using digital marketing services, who were selling their services globally, like Webhosting, e-commerce, telecommunication companies.

But now the time has been changed, and every second person in India using the Internet. So this is easy for the companies to reach them digitally.

Do you know? 70% of internet users click on the organic result, So if you are not implementing SEO tactics on your website. It means you are missing a huge amount of traffic.

Benefits of Using SEO:

In 2020, there is huge competition in every category. So without the help of SEO, you can never be ranked on top of Search Engine.

In the early days of 2010, Ranking a keyword on the Search Engine was easy. You need to publish the content on your website, and your page will be ranking somewhere in 1st page or 2nd page. And if you have some basic SEO knowledge, then definitely you will be ranking on top.

But today, If you are publishing the content without doing any optimization, Then forget about ranking. That’s why every company want to sell their products/services online. They are hiring SEO experts or SEO companies because they know that a specialist can only convert their normal website into a profitable website.

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There are a lot of benefits available like:

  • You can generate a high amount of traffic.
  • You can generate quality leads for your business.
  • You can sell your product.

You can avail of these benefits when your website receives a good amount of traffic, which is possible only with SEO Techniques.

Major Factor in SEO:

Google has more than 200+ ranking signals, but these are a very important ranking factor for any website. So I have listed a few of them below;

  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • T-U-D Optimization
  • Unique Content
  • Internal & External Linking
  • Link Building

Keyword Research and Optimization:

Finding a profitable keyword is an art; Keyword research is a thing you need initially. If you found the right keyword about your business, it means you have crossed level 1one.

How Your keyword should be:

  • The keyword should have less competition.
  • The keyword should have a good search volume.
  • Your keyword must contain more than four words, which means you should focus on long-tail keyword.

T-U-D Optimization:

T-U-D Stands for Title-URL-Description are the major things for any website, where you should use your keywords.

Title tag; Don’t keep your title more than 60 characters, and use your keyword in the first 40 characters.

URL Tag; Keep Your URL Simple and readable, and don’t forget to use the targetted keyword in your URL. Keep the length of the URL around 40-70 characters.

Description Tag; Keep your description length around 140-165 characters, and use your keyword in 1st 100 characters.

Unique Content:

Google loves fresh and unique content, So whenever you publish a new page on your site, Make Sure your content is unique and error-free.

Internal & External Linking:

While doing On-Page for your site, linking is an important signal. You must link your other relevant page. And also give some external links.

In Internal linking, Link your another article, which is related to the same category. But in external linking, Never link those page which contains your keyword, They are your competitors.

Link Building:

Once your article is live and indexed in Search Engine. You need to create quality backlinks for your webpage. As I said, You can hire any SEO Experts or SEO Company. They will do all these tasks for your website.

Link building is a long term process, which you need to do continuously even after ranked on top of the search engine. Note: I hope you have understood why SEO is important for every business in 2020. And if you have any queries or suggestions about this, please type in the comment section. I will give the response as soon as I see.

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