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Why You Don’t Need a Gym Membership in 2021?

I will join the gym this year – one of the most common new year resolutions of people worldwide. It is the major you will find the gym full of new faces in January. However, you will not find the majority of them in the coming months.

There is no reason to feel guilty if you are among those who want to quit the gym. There are so many alternatives to it that are inexpensive and effective. Nevertheless, you should not stop the physical routine only to rest on your couch.

In this article, you will find 8 reasons to quit your gym membership and trust its alternatives.

Free Alternatives

You don’t need the expensive machinery to sweat out the additional pounds. People have lost considerable weight outside the gym with a dedicated schedule. Carry the bare essentials to the nearest park and start your fitness journey whenever you want.

You can take help from the other visitors or people working out in the park. Ask your friend or family members if they know the basics of yoga. YouTube and other online platforms have plenty of tutorials to help beginners.

Guidance from Community

The personal trainer in the gym is indeed helpful if you have money to pay for them. However, you find guides from some of the very best professionals on the internet. From scheduling to diet, they will create a personalised program for you at a much lower price.

The fellow members of the community are also helpful in clearing the doubts of other members. You can ask them anytime you want through platforms like Reddit or Quora. Apply for short-term loans in Ireland to pay the professionals for their personalised plan.

Invest in Home Gym

There is a widespread myth about the cost of a home gym. You cannot blame people as they often repeat the words of some experts. And in this case, the experts are gym owners or trainers who don’t want people to have a home gym for obvious reasons.

There is no need to buy every machinery and equipment of a standard gym. Make a list of essentials based on your fitness goals. You can pay for the equipment with doorstep loans in Ireland if you cut the non-essential purchases.

Too Many Distractions at the Gym

Gyms are filled with distractions with the music and other people working out next to you. We often find ourselves engaged with some amazing workout of other people. All this waste time and reduce the intensity of your workout.

Some people find it hard to work out with others because of their insecurity. They feel comfortable alone when nobody is them to judge their shape or size. For them, a gym may never be the ideal place to work out.

Germs and Sweat

The pandemic has made many people afraid of germs and viruses. For them, the gym is the perfect setting for these microorganisms to spread. You can avoid the gym and set a home gym if you a germophobe.

People use spray sanitisers on the equipment and towels to clean the sweat, but they are not 100% effective. Many diseases are airborne, and there is nothing you can do to avoid them inside a gym. With this logic, even the parks and other activity areas can only be considered safer.

Time Spent on Travel

It is good to have a gym next door if you are prone to oversleeping or working late. However, some neighborhoods don’t have a gym, and residents have to waste up to an hour to find one. This is a dealbreaker for many professionals who don’t have enough time outside the office.

The weather can disrupt your schedule for weeks if the gym is not near to your house. At home, you will save time, and there will be no holidays because of the weather. You can sneak a 30 minutes workout even on the busiest of the days.


There are many limitations for the gym members that many consider a drag. You have to share the equipment and machines. If it is occupied, then you have to change the exercise or wait for it.

You must wear gym clothes and gear to avoid weird looks. At home, there is no one to judge your style of clothing. Nevertheless, you must wear clothes and accessories ideal for a workout to avoid an injury.

It May Get Boring

It gets boring to the extent of frustration for some people to spend hours at a place with no friendly faces. There is no fun in running on a treadmill daily when compared to the outside scenery. Also, people get bored quite easily when they follow the same routine every day for weeks.

There is no end to the possible workout schedule in the outside world. You can use a random challenge to test your fitness. If not nature, you can visit the fitness centres for free trials of classes.


To sum up, gyms are not necessary for people to stay fit. There are numerous ways to stay fit, and some of them are extremely effective. Also, you will have the freedom to decide your workout schedule with some fun and testing challenges.

Olivia Elmore

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