Worst Fashion Disasters Ever

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Worst Fashion Disasters

When it comes to fashion, people say to wear what you are comfortable in. Comfort is one aspect of your clothing. When you are comfortable in your skin, it accentuates your attire because you that comfort tends to translate into carrying the clothes off well. Yet, we observe that some fashion trends though easy, are not classified as a universal hack for all ages. In fact, they can be some of the Worst Fashion Disasters. You have to learn to wear your age and the trends in this era. Not the yesteryears.

Let us take you through some of the worst fashion disasters that make you look older than your actual age and ensure you crash and burn the fashion quotient.

Worst Fashion Disasters: Loose or Baggy pants

Worst Fashion Disasters

People tend to do the obvious to hide their rolls and curves. They wear loose or baggy pants so they can hide beneath the loose-fitting to look thinner and overshadow the obvious. This is the most common misconception. As you grow older, your behind tends to flatten and lose its curvature. 

When you further subject it too baggy pants, it looks bigger than you actually look and make you look more cylindrical with no shape. Wearing well-fitted clothes makes your body look sharper and more aggressively youthful than a sack of old age.

Halter or turtle necks

Turtle necks cover your most sexy feature that is your collar bone. It is designed so it can elevate and shift focus to your facial structure. When you are aging, your skin isn’t as fresh and tight as it used to be. You are going to be subjected to lines and wrinkles. Due to this, turtlenecks will only bring into focus your sag in your skin and make you look older than you are.

Bra size matters

People say as innuendo that size matters. Does it? Yes, it most definitely does. As you grow older, your body changes. Changes that you may be too busy or ignorant to take notice, but your inner garments will. Bra sizes change every half-decade, depending on what phase of life you are experiencing. Make sure you wear the right bra size with an apt fitting to make sure your assets are highlighted, and you have new confidence about your stride.


Brooches have been a fashion statement of the high and mighty elite class of the yesteryears. It did the trend for a couple of decades after the corsets had left the fashion world. Yet, they are obsolete today. Today, garments have their own design language. Brands have their own styles which they want to flaunt, but they get downed by a big brooch that has no place on your shoulder.

Black is not always beautiful

Black is a universal fashion statement, yes. But not all black. Don’t wear all black upper and lower attire. It will make you look aged and boring. Pop a little color here and there for fun and that extra zeal to step out. If you are indeed a fan of black, check out some Rachel Green Outfits in the best of FRIENDS fashion to see how Jennifer Anniston pulls black off like a pro!

While aging gracefully is always a fashion statement that comes across, don’t overdo it. Being older doesn’t have to make your style take a dip and lower your confidence.

There are some fashion classics that look good at any age and body type. They are timeless. Like pastel blouse and trousers with a contrast red lipstick, or a simple cliched blue denim and white t-shirt look.

Apart from a few timeless fashion chapters, you must be careful with your choices in wearing clothes once you have crossed over to the not so youthful self. Items like bell bottoms, flared trousers, neckties, silky scarves of the eighties are a thing of the past. Avoid the Worst Fashion Disasters and bring out the trendy diva in you!

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