YouTube Videos Not Playing – The Complete Solution

It gets extremely frustrating when you find out that YouTube videos are not playing on your computer or mobile device. If that ever happens to your device, there can be multiple factors contributing to it. If your computer is able to open the YouTube website, but the videos are not playing, It may be possible that these videos are too large for your internet connection. Or there could be a problem with your browser if that happens.

Anyway, let’s look at these issues in deep and see how you can resolve them effectively. 

When YouTube videos are not loading on a specific browser, then the problem could be associated with browser computers, internet connection, or YouTube itself. 

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Reasons for this problem on your computer

There can be many reasons why your computer is not able to load YouTube videos, but here are the prominent ones. 

Browser problems – Often, it is a simple browser problem that can be fixed by just refreshing the page. A bug in the browser or computer could lead to this problem on your computer, and you may need to update your browser or clear the cache. 

Internet problems – We all know that YouTube can be very demanding when it comes to streaming videos. So, you must make sure that your internet connection is fast and disrupted by anything. You can solve this problem by unplugging the router a couple of times. 

Computer problems – If the problem is associated with your computer, then you have to restart the system, and without it, you won’t be able to watch videos. 

YouTube app problems – Sometimes, the problem is associated with YouTube itself and especially when you are watching the videos through the mobile app. In that case, you may have to restart the app to resolve the problem. 

Well, these are the main reasons that contribute to YouTube not loading correctly on your computer or mobile devices. 

Let’s look at the solution to these problems. 

What to do when YouTube videos get stuck

When YouTube videos are not playing on your computer device and get stuck, it means there is a problem with the bandwidth, computer, or YouTube. Some of the issues can be solved by refreshing the page, but that will resolve not all issues. 

You may have to try some advance fixes to your YouTube working. 

Here is what you need to do when there is a problem with YouTube videos. 

  • The first thing that you need to try is Refresh, go on and refresh the page, and if the problem is resolved or not. 
  • If you are playing the YouTube videos on a slower internet connection, you can try adjusting the quality of the video by clicking on the gear icon from the player. Then click on the quality and set a quality that suits your bandwidth. 
  • If the problem is with a web browser, then you can try closing the browser and then reopening it. In case you are using the app on a mobile device, you can do this with it. 
  • Sometimes the browser cache can also interfere with the playback, and you can try to clear the cache of the web browser you are using and reload the page. If you do not know how to clear the cache of the browsers, you can read other articles. 
  • If none of these are working, you can try loading the YouTube videos in the incognito window or private window. Sometimes an extension installed on your browser can also interfere with the playback of YouTube videos. 
  • You can also check if the internet connection is working by opening a different page on your web browser. If there is a bad connection, then you need to check your router and wi-fi settings and make sure that you have access to high-speed internet. 
  • If that doesn’t even work, then you can try to restart the computer and install the updates on your operating system. 

So, by following these steps, your problem of YouTube videos should be resolved. If not, then there is an option to watch all the videos. You can download videos from YouTube and watch them online. To download the videos, you need to read our other articles about it. It is a very easy and straightforward process to download YouTube videos. 

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